Nothing had ever been a challenge for Rashad. He was the eighth son of the family and no one had any particular expectations for him. Yet, he became the most influential family head of all time. He even discovered a new hidden industry that elevated Nezama Shalok to the ranks of wealthy nations. He achieved all of these feats with remarkable ease.

But just as he reached his peak, Rashad encountered a bump in the road. Some might view this as an opportunity for growth, while others might label it a challenge. Yet, Rashad referred to the time he spent overcoming this challenge as "love".

Rashad never stopped working. He lived a life that was only worth living should he be able to fulfill the roles of a dependable son, a brilliant researcher, and the proud head of the family. Can you imagine how arduous his life was at this point? A mere pause in Rashad's rhythm could invite his brothers to compete for his position as head, inevitably dragging him back into the family strife he had already escaped. After all, one could hardly imagine how hard Rashad worked to seize the opportunities he had. Yet, Rashad had no choice but to press on. He didn't even have a moment to look back.

Then, a realization struck him. He had been moving so swiftly that he hadn't taken the time to look back at the things he cherished and the people he held dear. This prompted him to reflect. Rather than merely striving to outdo others with knowledge, he pondered the simple pleasures—like how he could pick the most delicious cherries, or instead of engaging in business planning with his arranged marriage fiancée, he wondered how he could surprise her with her favorite jasmine flowers. When he shifted his focus from relentless success to indulging in the things he loved, his life underwent a transformative change.

Now, Rashad is ready to love everything. He will embrace the new, retain the good, and face new challenges, using them as a springboard for growth. Now, he has finally realized that even though he thought he was all alone, he is actually surrounded by people who truly matter to him. This is how Rashad chooses to love the world.