To traverse through warped time and space is a rare and extraordinary experience, even for Lyn. Losing her family in the wake of a devastating war, she stood amid the ruins, awaiting her final breath. But in that fateful moment, a whole new world opened up before her eyes.

No one knows who, what, how, or why Lyn was granted this chance, not even Lyn herself. It is widely known that a world traveler must possess many virtues, but this remarkable girl has one that outshines the rest: love for the world.

Lyn understands the pain of losing something dear. Having witnessed the destruction of the world that she once called home, she cherishes every moment of every life she begins in each dimension she crosses. Lyn embraces any kind of life, whether it is one she wants to explore or one she wants to learn from. She also welcomes any friend who wants to join her on the journey of life. For this free-spirited traveler who soars through time and space, the world is still a wondrous and precious place.

Of course, it would be unfair to describe this genius without mentioning the knowledge and creativity that flow from her like an endless spring. But it is not knowledge for its own sake that she seeks, for to know the truth of the world, one must look at the people first. That is why Lyn never ceases to travel. How could she ever settle in one place when there are countless souls waiting to be met?

To this day, the genius alchemist continues her journey across the world. Do not fret if you do not see Lyn for a while. As a dimensional traveler, you'll be able to find her at any time and in any space. She is a genius who loves the world with all her heart, and she will always find her way back to you.