Ondal. A name that evoked the wish of every Gaorian speaker: that Ondal could live as peacefully as a round, unbroken, full moon, as his name implies. It would have been nice if Ondal could have fulfilled his parents' hopes, but fate had other plans for him.

Ondal grew up poor, and finding even a single grain of intact rice in a bowl would have been a miracle. His family had to endure the biting cold of winter by blowing warm breaths into their hands. Ondal had a little sister. To his despair, his sister succumbed to illness, and she wasn't strong enough to endure this harsh world. All of this made young Ondal grow up a tad too fast.

However, to sympathize with his situation and say it must have been overwhelming would be an insult to the man who would become a warlord. Whatever he set his mind on doing, he did. He overcame any crisis that he faced and cut down any enemy who stood in his way. He was young, but was fierce as a tiger. No one could match his determination.

From being a mere soldier, Ondal rose to become the youngest general in Gaori history, and one of the most successful. On the day of his commissioning ceremony, he raised his head to face his liege, only to realize that the young queen before him was actually the lost child he had rescued from the mountains when Ondal was a boy. The two recognized each other, and in an instant, they knew that as long as they lived, they would never part.

Much changed over time. His family, that Ondal was desperate to protect, died in famine during a war. His princess, who was crowned at a young age, also had to deal with invasions from neighboring countries that happened more often than not. It was rough, but it did not scare them. They knew they could do anything as long as they were together.

But on the day of what would be the final battle of Ondal's short life, he had to make a choice. If he ran away without hesitating, he would survive. But that meant that he had to ignore his lord's life. However, if he was willing to sacrifice his own life, he would be able to save his queen. Ondal leaped into the fire, only to feel a sense of relief. Nothing could have comforted him more than the sight of his lord's back, safe and sound. Perhaps this faith of his was the very thing that brought him to his lord in another world. When he opened his eyes again, it was not to a battlefield soaked in hellfire, but to an unknown land of Avillon and in an unknown time.

Much has changed, but some things have not. Ondal, as his name signifies: no matter the storm, no matter the biting cold, no matter what, this round full moon will always be with you... If you are willing to trust him with all your heart.