Just as the story goes: it all began with a humble apple tree. There, lived a young dragon who was just reaching adulthood. He harbored no interest in the power conflicts the world was caught up in at the time. Instead, he had a thirst for knowledge that drove him to seek answers. He collected books under his tree, conversed with the great thinkers of his time, and enjoyed the company of fairies. His gatherings grew larger and larger, turning a small plaza into a lively festival. Soon enough, villages sprang up around the bustling scene. With the help of the finest architects, the dragon’s mighty strength, and the assistance of the playful fairies, the place eventually evolved into a beautiful citadel. Soon, the place outgrew its status as a mere village, and the dragon gladly assumed the role of king.

Everything was smooth-sailing as he lived in bliss, surrounded by the sounds of children’s laughter, crackling firewood, and the gentle rustle of pages turning. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. War ensued. It was as if the world was jesting the dragon's affection for humanity, for he had grown attached thanks to his long life.

There couldn't have been a more dire sight in history. The sky wept black rain as his most brilliant warriors fell. Yet in the meantime, it was always the weak who took the brunt of the suffering. The dragon contemplated until the very end whether leaving Avillon would be the right course of action. Ultimately, with his holy sword in hand, the dragon entered the fray. He stood on the battlefield, believing that saving the world was the only way to protect his people.

And well, the rest is history. As time went by, the legend faded into a bedtime story. The throne was succeeded by saints and tyrants alike, and Avillon became just another small nation among many. Now, after much time and much change in the world, the tassels of Avillon have now fallen into your hands. This might seem daunting, but there's no need to worry. He will be there in the form you have named him: as the guardian, and as the administrator of Avillon.