All the kids that are frolicking on the sandy beaches of Isola know a certain story. To delve into the origins of the story's protagonist, one must trace their footsteps back to the renowned Devicci household.

Approximately two hundred years ago, in the early morning hours, the resounding cries of a newborn reverberated through the halls of the Devicci residence. This child, named Rosanna Devicci, was a pleasant surprise, being a long-awaited newborn in the household. Yet, to their dismay, doctors predicted a short life for Rosanna—a life that seemed too fleeting for a child imbued with the aura of the seas.

Some speculate whether the seas themselves harbored sympathy for Rosanna. Thanks to the breath of a mermaid, her time came to a standstill, but Rosanna was finally able to roam freely on her own two feet. But alas, with a renewed vigor, the Isola she once cherished had become a small and mundane place for her. Thus, Rosanna adopted the habit of sitting upon the white sandy beaches, gazing out at the waters, perpetually yearning for excitement.

This restless search led Rosanna to the vast seas, as she hoisted the sails of her boat in a journey to conquer the uncharted straits ahead. Her adventure brought forth numerous encounters, including almost marrying the son of a tribal leader on a stumbled-across island, as well as ending up in prison in an underwater kingdom, barely escaping by the skin of her teeth thanks to the help of a mermaid. Attempting to capture all of Rosanna's experiences within a single book would surely have one grasping at straws.

Despite much time spent at sea, Rosanna's thirst for adventure remained unquenched. Nothing could satiate such longing, no matter how far and wide she traversed the oceans.

It was then that Rosanna had an epiphany.

She realized that the answer she sought was not found in distant lands or specific locations. The true essence of her quest lay within the very nature of adventure itself.

Armed with this newfound realization, Rosanna resolved to embark on her journey once more, answering the beckoning call of the seas for further exploits The ocean's horizon held countless mysteries yet to be unveiled, but one certainty prevailed—Rosanna would embark on a voyage brimming with tales even the most seasoned novelist would envy.

Speaking of which, her adventures actually did get published as a book. Rumor has it that Rosanna co-wrote this book, though certainty eluded the curious. However, the title of the book alone strangely emits a distinct fragrance of pride and fulfillment.

Perhaps it would be worth perusing the recently released 23rd edition of "The Ninth Wave", where, word has it, Rosanna's self-composed song titled "The Adventurer's Song" can be discovered within its pages.