Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Helvania.

Let's take a look at the update we have lined up for July 19th (Wed).

※ The detailed schedule for maintenance will be announced via a separate blog post.
※ Please note that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
※ The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

■ Hero & Skills Balance Update

- Heroes affected: Bianca (Water) / Ricardo (Fire)

■ Silent Straits Revamp

"We reworked Silent Straits by increasing the importance of AoE abilities and allowing players to receive additional rewards based on their individual contribution to the battle."

1) The Sea God now summons 4 spawns.

-  Achieve a higher damage score by utilizing AoE skills!

2) New tier rewards and personal contribution rewards will be added.

- You will be able to check your personal highest damage dealt for each Sea God on this screen.
- You can check the detailed personal rewards by tapping the "Check Rewards" button.

3) New MVP system will be added.

- Players will now be able to become the MVP of the battle by dealing the most damage to the Sea God. Take your Silent Straits experience to the next level and try to break your own record!

4) System Improvements

- Players will now be able to save team formations for different elements of the Sea God.
- Tap the 'Recent' button in the Silent Straits lobby to automatically slot in the last team formation you used for the current element of the Sea God.

- 'Speed up' will be applied to Silent Straits battles.
- 'Speed up' will be applied whether players have subscribed to Administrator Rouin or not.

5) Shop Information Improvements
- New [Haste] Arkanath equipment set will be added to Kraken's Coffer.

- Some items in Kraken's Coffer will be adjusted.

The Kraken's Coffer Item List
ItemQtyPurchase LimitRequired Item to tradeRequired Number
Nether Crystal13/WeekWarped Thalassic Scale3
Fire Soulstone11/MonthThalassic Firefin30
Water Soulstone11/MonthThalassic Waterfin30
Earth Soulstone11/MonthThalassic Earthfin30
Light Soulstone11/MonthThalassic Lightfin30
Dark Soulstone11/MonthThalassic Darkfin30
[Haste] Arkanath's Scythes
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale1
[Haste] Arkanath's Armor
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale1
[Haste] Arkanath's Gloves
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale1
[Haste] Arkanath's Shoes
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale1
[Haste] Arkanath's Ring
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale2
[Haste] Arkanath's Sash
110/MonthWarped Thalassic Scale2
[Shock] Ruinous Hammer
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God10
[Shock] Ruinous Armor
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God10
[Shock] Ruinous Gauntlets
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God10
[Shock] Ruinous Boots
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God10
[Shock] Ruinous Ring
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God30
[Shock] Ruinous Necklace
110/MonthTooth of the Sea God30
[Leech] Voracious Scythe
110/MonthSealstone Shard10
[Leech] Voracious Robe
110/MonthSealstone Shard10
[Leech] Voracious Gloves
110/MonthSealstone Shard10
[Leech] Voracious Shoes
110/MonthSealstone Shard10
[Leech] Voracious Ring
110/MonthSealstone Shard30
[Leech] Voracious Pendant
110/MonthSealstone Shard30
Fire Rune (Low)1150/WeekThalassic Firescale5
Water Rune (Low)1150/WeekThalassic Waterscale5
Earth Rune (Low)1150/WeekThalassic Earthscale5
Light Rune (Low)1150/WeekThalassic Lightscale5
Dark Rune (Low)1150/WeekThalassic Darkscale5

■ New Heroes

1) ★5 Lairei (Dark)

- Lairei (Dark) will be added to the Chronicles.
- Recruit Lairei (Dark) by purchasing her Hero Recruitment Package in the Shop.
- Comments for Lairei (Dark) will be added to the Archives.

2) ★4 Rosanna (Earth)

- Rosanna (Earth) will be added to the Chronicles.
- Recruit Rosanna (Earth) through Lord's Special Recruitment.
- Comments for Rosanna (Earth) will be added to the Archives.

■ Alliance Daily Check-In Event

Recruit Rosanna (Earth) by joining an Alliance and logging in every day.
- Banner duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)

- Mini Rosanna has come to the Citadel of Avillon!
- Start the [Lord's Special Recruitment] event by tapping Mini Rosanna.
- Please note you must be in an Alliance to start [Lord's Special Recruitment].

- You can obtain 'Warm Cup of Tea' every day by logging in and entering the [Lord's Special Recruitment] screen.
- Alliance members can also get a certain amount of 'Warm Cup of Tea' as a present when you log in.
- You can obtain a certain amount of 'Warm Cup of Tea' according to the number of Alliance Members that have logged in daily.
- Event Alliance missions reset daily.
※ Daily Check-Ins only count if you enter the [Lord's Special Recruitment] screen.
※ If you move to another Alliance after your Daily Check-In, only the first Check-In will be counted for that day.

- Use Warm Cup of Tea to converse with Rosanna or offer her to join you as a knight.
※ The higher your trust level is with Rosanna (Earth), the higher the chance for her to join you as a knight.

- You can obtain 1 of the following when conversing with Rosanna: 3,000 Energy / 10 Elixirs of Insight / 10,000 Gold / 1,000 Renown

You can obtain a special accessory by maxing out Rosanna (Earth)'s trust level.

Log in every day and progress through [Lord's Special Recruitment]!
Rosanna (Earth) will be waiting for your offer to recruit her!

■ Mystic Beast Hunt

Piyo will appear in the world during the event!

[Event Schedule]
- Event duration: Jul 21st (Fri) 03:00 – Aug 7th (Mon) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Special Shop duration: Jul 21st (Fri) 03:00 – Aug 9th (Wed) 02:59 (UTC+0)

[Event Rewards]

Event Reward
StepsBeast CountRewardsQty
4200,000Hunting Medal30
7500,000Hunting Medal70
10700,000Hunting Medal100
131,000,000Hunting Medal150

[Special Shop List]

Special Shop List
ProductQtyPurchase LimitRequired Medals
Gold100,0001→ 10200→ 30
Renown20,0005→ 2050→ 20
Elixir of Insight2015
Elixir of Insight (Protent)10910
Mystic Soulstone11100
Commander Rune1510
Guardian Rune1510
Warrior Rune1510
Striker Rune1510
Sniper Rune1510
Cleric Rune1510
Earth Rune (High)11010
Colorless Rune (High)11010
Earth Rune (Mid)12010
Colorless Rune (Mid)12010

※ You can find detailed information about the event in the in-game Event tab.

[Mystic Beast Hunt Info]
- During the event, a Mystic Beast will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the Story Region and Primeval Hall stages.
- Mystic Beasts only appear in stages that you have already completed.
- Hunting medals are rewarded when defeating a mystic beast.
- Collected medals can be exchanged into various items at the special shop.
- The mystic beast appears in random elements, and the obtainable amount of hunting medals varies by its elemental type.
- The mystic beast has different stats based on the difficulty level of Story and Primeval Hall stages. However, the amount of obtainable hunting medals is the same.
- Remaining hunting medals are automatically converted to 500 Gold per medal when the event ends.
- Obtained hunting medals can only be used within the duration of the event.

■ Check-In Event: Miriande's Story

- Event duration: Jul 26th (Wed) 03:00 – Aug 8th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Converse with Miriande for 7 days and find out more about his true nature.  Receive rewards by checking out Miriande's story every day!

D-5Elixir of Insight100
D-4Colorless Agate Selection Chest (Epic)1
D-26★ Miriande (Water) Artifact Chest1

※ 10 Colorless Agate (Epic) can be obtained when Colorless Agate Selection Chest (Epic) is used.

■ New Paid Items and Changes to the Shop

1) Hero Package: Lairei (Dark) [Guardian]

- Content: Lairei (Dark) [Guardian]
- Sale duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Immediately get 1,500 Crystals upon recruitment.

「Release Event: Special offer!」

- Price : USD 37.99 USD 22.99

※ The package is effective immediately upon purchase and thus not refundable.
※ The price is based on Google Play Store.
※ Packages may be sold again in the future after the item is taken off sale. Items included may change on resale.
※ Heroes, equipment, and items (in-game currency, etc.) that are included in the package can be sold in other in-game events and shops.
※ You can claim the items via the Shop tab in 'Mail' upon purchase.
※ If you are unable to claim the purchased item from the inbox, please exit the game and try rebooting the app.
※ Items cannot be restored if they are not claimed from the mail before the item expires.‌

2) Warm Cup of Tea Packages
- Sale duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)

Item NameItems IncludedQtyItem NameItems IncludedQty
Black Tea Sampler
Warm Cup of Tea2,500
Black Tea Gift Box
Warm Cup of Tea12,000
Elixir of Insight30Elixir of Insight70

※ You must be in an Alliance to use Warm Cup of Tea.
※ All Warm Cup of Tea will be converted to Gold and sent to your Inbox after the Lord's Special Recruitment event ends.
※ Warm Cup of Tea packages are effective immediately upon purchase and thus not refundable.

3) Mission Pass [Mystic Soulstones]: Excluded from the update (7/17 05:42 utc+0)

※ This item will be not be included as part of this update due to issues confirmed during the finalization process

4) Birthday Packages
"Check out these packages specially prepared to celebrate heroes' birthdays!"

- Content: Hero Birthday Package
- Price: USD 7.99
- Birthday Packages will be available starting from Fram's birthday.
- You can select and obtain a Replica accessory of the respective hero when opening the box within the package.

※ Exclusive Birthday Packages will be available for purchase on a hero's birthday. These packages will only be available until the day following the hero's birthday.
※ Birthday Packages can only be purchased during the designated time period assigned to each package.

■ Avillon Event Updates

Event 1. Lairei (Dark) Booster Support!
- Event duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- A special training program for Lairei (Dark)! Complete objectives and help strengthen Lairei (Dark) even quicker!

Fight 10 battles with Lairei (Dark) in your partyGuardian 4~6★ Replica Chest1
Equip Lairei (Dark) with 4 item(s)Elixir of Insight50
Raise Lairei (Dark) to level 30Guardian Agate Chest1
Fight 30 battles with Lairei (Dark) in your partyElixir of Insight100
Raise Lairei (Dark) to level 50Gold1,000,000
Promote Lairei (Dark) to rank 6Dark Soulstone1
Upgrade Lairei (Dark)'s skills 1 time(s)Renown300,000
Raise Lairei (Dark) to level 60Mystic Soulstone1

Event 2. Conquer the Silence!
- Event duration: Jul 18th (Tue) 15:00 – Aug 1st (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Battle against the Sea God in the Silent Straits and get various rewards!

Battle PlayedRewardsQty
2Thalassic Ticket4
10Thalassic Ticket6

Event 3. Energetic Efforts
- Event duration: Jul 19th (Wed) 15:00 – Aug 2nd (Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Receive rewards based on the amount of energy you used, alongside extra rewards!

Event 4. Obelisk Ascension
- Event duration (1): Jul 20th (Thu) 15:00 – Jul 23rd (Sun) 14:59
- Event duration (2): Aug 3rd (Thu) 15:00 – Aug 6th (Sun) 14:59
- Fight battles in the Obelisk during the event and get rewards!

Event 5. Tome of Calamity
- Event duration: Jul 26th (Thu) 15:00 – Aug 9th (Wed) 14:59
- Trigger Stagger on a monster of each element 2 times or more and receive rewards!

Trigger Stagger on [Dark] 2 timesGold30,000
Trigger Stagger on [Fire] 2 timesRenown10,000
Trigger Stagger on [Water] 2 timesRenown10,000
Trigger Stagger on [Earth] 2 timesRenown10,000
Trigger Stagger on [Light] 2 timesGold30,000

Event 6. Paid to Upgrade
- Event duration (1): Jul 27th (Thu) 15:00 – Jul 30th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Event duration (2): Aug 10th (Thu) 15:00 – Aug 13th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards for upgrading your equipment! The more you upgrade, the more you get!

10Training Token5
20Training Token5
304-6★ Replica Chest1

Event 7: Ad Gifts
- Event duration: Jul 31st (Mon) 15:00 – Aug 31st (Thu) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Watch ads and get rewards!

Ads WatchedRewardsQty
2Temporal Thread1
4Temporal Thread1
6Temporal Thread1
8Temporal Thread1

Event 8: Arena Fighters
- Event duration: Aug 11th (Fri) 15:00 – Aug 16th (Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Fight in the Coliseum every day and get various rewards!

Number of PlayRewardsQty
2Guardian Rune1
4Warrior Rune1
6Striker Rune1
8Sniper Rune1
10Commander Rune1

■ Adjustments in Alchemy

1) Alchemy - Rosanna (Earth) [Warrior] artifacts will be added.
- Event duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2) Alchemy - Lairei (Dark) [Guardian] artifacts will be added.
- Sale duration: Jul 19th (Wed) after maintenance – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)