Lairei once delighted in allowing her imagination to soar with the gently blowing breeze. She was never one to pick up a ball to play. Instead, she would let her imagination become the ball. When night fell, her day's experiences became exhilarating adventures. In her dreams, she would encounter woodland fairies who aided her in rescuing friends trapped in raging wildfires. She would also embark on celestial explorations, riding a sand-made vessel through the night sky. Her dreams overflowed with infinite possibilities, all shining ever so brightly.

As Lairei matured, these fantastical journeys became infrequent. She began to embrace the tangible world, realizing that genuine joy existed beyond her reveries. Amidst these newfound, exciting adventures, she was accompanied by trustworthy clanspeople and a particular kind companion who she would stargaze with. Her once tiny world grew, brimming with warm connections.

However, this newfound happiness proved fleeting.

Oddly enough, an air of death clung solely to the dragonkins. Her loved ones, her family, and even her trusted companion succumbed helplessly, one by one, without explanation. Her nights, once filled with dreams, now dripped with sorrow, despair, and loneliness, and with no way to reunite with those she had lost. With her tears stained with despair and time around her frozen in its tracks, Lairei was engulfed in darkness steeped in sorrow, devoid of the comforting embrace of her companion she once cherished.

Yet, a faint glimmer of hope flickered anew. Gazing upward, Lairei realized that just like the unwavering stars in the night sky, her family and companions remained eternally present, waiting for her in a familiar place. With this fragile, precious light on the distant horizon, Lairei found the strength to forge ahead.

Now, she embarks on a fresh adventure, guided by the constellations above. Perhaps she will encounter new companions on this uncharted path. After all, shared adventures hold a special allure, where excitement blossoms in unity.