Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Lunaris.

Please find the following information in regard to the new Featured Summons.

■ New Hero

1) ★5 Mercenary Aslan (Fire) [Warrior]

- Mercenary Aslan (Fire) will be added to the Chronicles.
- Mercenary Aslan (Fire) can be recruited through Featured Summon - Iron-Willed Vanguard.
- Comments for Mercenary Aslan (Fire) will be added to the Archives.

■ New Summon

Featured Summon: 『Iron-Willed Vanguard』

1) Banner Duration: Jul 1st (Sat) 03:00 – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)
2) Summon Details: Players can summon certain ★5 Heroes & Relics.

▶ Summonable Heroes:
★5 Mercenary Aslan (Fire), ★5 Brandon (Dark), ★5 Ondal (Earth),
★5 Dragon Knight Helga (Water), ★5 Syphfride (Light)

▶ Summonable Relics:
Mercenary Aslan (Fire) / Brandon (Dark) / Ondal (Earth) / Dragon Knight Helga (Water) / Syphfride (Light)
Astrid (Dark) / Astrid (Fire) / Astrid (Water) / Astrid (Earth)
Olivia (Light) / Olivia (Water) / Helga (Fire) / Helga (Dark) / Helga (Water)
Zaira (Earth) / Zaira (Light) / Zaira (Fire) / Laphlaes (Earth) / Laphlaes (Fire)
Schneider (Earth) / Schneider (Water) / Schneider (Fire) / Schneider (Dark)
Mikhail (Earth) / Mikhail (Dark) / Charlotte (Earth) / Charlotte (Water) / Charlotte (Dark)
Johan (Light) / Johan (Water) / Johan (Fire) / Fram (Light) / Fram (Fire) / Fram (Water)

[ Important Notes ]
※ Summoning Period may be subject to change and any changes will be announced in a separate blog post.
※ The 'Iron-Willed Vanguard' Summon is categorized as a 'Featured Summon'. All Featured Summons share the same summon count. This summon count does not overlap or count towards other types of summons.
※ Any Relics that are summonable from 'Iron-Willed Vanguard' cannot be summoned from 'Contract Summon'.
※ Any Relics & Heroes that are summonable from 'Iron-Willed Vanguard' can be summoned from another summons in the future.
※ If the player has not recruited 5★ Mercenary Aslan (Fire) within 89 summons, the player is guaranteed to recruit 5★ Mercenary Aslan (Fire) on their 90th summon.
※ If the player recruits 5★ Mercenary Aslan (Fire) before their 90th summon, the summon count will be reset.
※ If the player has 'Featured Summon Tickets', the tickets will be used first before other items. However, if the number of tickets possessed is insufficient to perform all desired summons, the player can use Linkstones to complete the summoning process.
※ Detailed information on summon rates is available via the Rates button.

■ New Paid Items

1. Awaiting the Eclipse Package

- Sale duration: Jul 1st (Sat) 03:00 – Jul 3rd (Mon) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 4.99 (Once per account)
- For a new bond—'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package will be added to the shop.
- 10 Featured Summon Tickets will be sent to 'Mail' upon purchasing the 'Awaiting the Eclipse' package.

※ 'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package can only be purchased once per account.
※ Featured Summon Tickets can only be used in 'Featured Summon'.
※ Featured Summon Tickets cannot be used in other summons such as Select Summons.
※ Packages may be sold again in the future after the item is taken off sale. Items included may change on resale.

2. Hero Package: Lucilicca (Dark)

- Lucilicca (Dark) [Warrior] will be added to the shop.
- Duration: Jul 3rd 07:00 – Aug 1st (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 22.99
- Immediately get 100 Elixirs of Insight upon recruitment.

3. Hero Gift Package: Lucilicca Gift Package

ProductItemQtyPurchase Limit
[D] Lucilicca Gift Package
Mystic Soulstone1
Temporal Thread30

- Content: Hero Gift Package
- Duration: Jul 3rd 07:00 – Aug 1st (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 7.99
- This package is available only after purchasing Lucilicca (Dark) Hero Package.
- Can be purchased up to a maximum of 3 times. Can obtain a special accessory when purchased all 3 times.

- Accessory Option: Attack +3% / Critical Hit Damage +3% / Debuff Rate +3%
※ [Educator's Picnic] cannot be obtained by Costume or Accessory Crafting.

※ The package is effective immediately upon purchase and thus not refundable.
※ The price is based on Google Play Store.
le. Items included may change on resale.
※ Heroes, equipment, and items (in-game currency, etc.) that are included in the package can be sold in other in-game events and shops.
※ You can claim the items via the Shop tab in 'Mail' upon purchase.
※ If you are unable to claim the purchased item from the inbox, please exit the game and try rebooting the app.
※ Items cannot be restored if they are not claimed from the mail before the item expires.

※Missing information about Hero Paid Packages has been included.

■ Adjustments in Alchemy

1. Alchemy - Mercenary Aslan (Fire) [Warrior] artifacts will be added.
- Banner duration: Jul 1st (Sat) 03:00 – Sep 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2. Alchemy - Lucilicca (Dark) [Warrior] artifacts will be added.
- Banner duration: Jul 3rd (Mon) 07:00 – Aug 1st (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)

■ Avillon Event Updates

Event 1. Avillon Ambassadors
- Event duration: Jul 2nd (Sun) 15:00 – Jul 16th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Send out your heroes on expeditions and receive rewards!

5Elixir of Insight15
154-6 Replica Chest1

Event 2. Obelisk Ascension
- Event duration: Jul 6th (Thu) 15:00 – Jul 9th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Fight battles in the Obelisk during the event and get rewards!

10Elixir of Insight20
15Sigil of Bravery5
20Replica Chest (Random)1

Event 3. Paid to Upgrade
- Event duration: Jul 13th (Thu) 15:00 – Jul 16th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards for upgrading your equipment! The more you upgrade, the more you get!

10Coliseum Token5
20Coliseum Token5
30Replica Chest (Random)1

Event 4. Daily Battle Training
- Event duration: Jul 16th (Sun) 15:00 – Jul 30th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards according to the number of stages played in Story Stages, Primeval Halls, Coliseum, Alliance Raids, Obelisk, Unity Plaza Friendly Match!

Battle PlayedRewardsQty