The legendary mountain-splitting mercenary's origins were humble.

All alone, when he sought a mere sip of water, he was met with indifference. Whilst the few pennies he painstakingly saved vanished as swiftly as his landlord who disappeared without a trace.

Aslan hit rock bottom, with no one to rely on and no place to call home. Some would argue that his encounter with the Brucos Mercenaries was destiny—a turning point where he found friendship, kinship, and a taste of happiness. At least, that was before the Brucos Mercenaries were wiped out. Despite so, Aslan was never lonely. With only one friend by his side, that companion meant everything to Aslan, his lifeline in life hanging by a fragile thread.

Time passed, and Aslan embarked on a new path, this time accompanied by not just one, but several companions. Amidst their diverse backgrounds—a friend who loved the sea, another who preferred a book over a sword, and a friend who hailed from the Far East—Aslan had never felt more on top of the world. Together, they formed a circle of disparate lives, their collective experiences merged as the echoes of violence subsided, like pebbles gently skipping along the riverbank. As Aslan gazed over the rising dawn with only the sounds of his heavy breathing filling the silence, one cannot help but ponder which friend lingered foremost in his thoughts.

During this war, he lost his only friend who was his everything, but instead, he gained a new everything in the form of new comrades. Even after the war's conclusion, Aslan refused to halt his journey. To some, his path may appear fleeting, akin to a passing gust of wind. Yet, Aslan must persevere, to reignite that dormant flame that has been frozen in time.

Remember, the current Aslan may no longer tread the path he yearned for, but he continues to resolutely march onward alongside his present companions.