Greetings, lords!
This new is coming from Avillon.

Maintenance has been completed on 10/15(Thu) 09:00 (UTC+0).
If you are wondering about the update contents, it can be found at the Avillon News or our official Facebook page! (Main lobby > Facebook Icon)

[ Maintenance Compensation ]
- Regular Compensation : 300 Crystals

[ Additional Info ]
- Rosanna(Dark) and Aslan(Earth) Hero Special Package has been extended until 11/30(Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0).
- Fixed an issue with Google Achievements not being progressed on a certain mission.
> After today's update, some of the achievements may automatically
- Fixed problem with a certain hero's acquiring chat notice.
- Fixed the issue that the actual applied EXP is larger than the amount of EXP displayed when using Elixirs on the birthday hero.

Thank you.
Lord of Heroes team