Greetings, lords!

New Mystic Beasts [Meowmic] are coming to Avillon!
And we have prepared two special events.

They are attracted to shiny things,
which is why they must be heading to the Avillon’s treasury.
Don’t let them inside, they could wreak havoc if kept indoors!

[ Event① ] Welcome to Mystic Beast Hunt

◈ Period : 10/15(Thu) 15:00 - 10/26(Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)
◆ How to participate : 30 Mystic Beasts hunted
◆ Reward : Crystals x 500

[ Event② ] Mystic Beast Guru

◈ Period : 10/15(Thu) 15:00 - 10/26(Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)
◆ How to Participate :
- Rewards will be given to those who reached the top 100 rankings of the Mystic Hunter list.

◆ Reward
1st: Alchemy Ticket x30
2nd - 3rd: Alchemy Ticket x20
4th -10th: Alchemy Ticket x15
11th -100th: Alchemy Ticket x10

※ If the hunting count is the same as other users, the user who first reaches will have a higher ranking.
※ The reward will be sent to your [Inbox] after the event is over.