Greetings, Lords!
This is the Lord of Heroes team.

This is to share current issues we have noticed after a recent update on 10/15(Thu). We are looking into it at the moment and we will keep you posted throughout this notice.

[ Current Issues ]
◈ Unable to complete the last Google Achievement
- Chapter 8. Free Gallus Empire (East)

◈ Certain heroes cannot be selected in the Obelisk due to a UI sizing issue
- This can be resolved by re-entering the Obelisk or restarting the application.

◈ Heroes overlapped during the Obelisk entry talking scene.

[ Fixed ]
◈ Unable to purchase Solphi(Water) on iOS device
◈ Solphi(Light) Burst skill is not ignoring enemy's defense
◈ Camera angle issue with Lucilicca's Burst skill and victory animation in the Obelisk

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.
Lord of Heroes team