Greetings, lords around the world!
This is your friendly GM Lumisade

The scheduled maintenance is complete.
Now you can log into the game and enjoy your wonderful journey :D

[ Maintenance Schedule ]
- Duration: February 2nd (Tue) 04:00 - 09:00 (UTC+0)

Update Summary
- Lord Info Menu Improvements & Triumph System
- 28-Day Journey (New Attendance Board)
▶ You MUST finish the '10th Hero Contract' to start 28-Day Journey
▶ It will be activated after 1 day after ending the '10th Hero Contract'
- New Hero Release: Krom (Dark)
- Equipment System Set Effect Revamp
- Pathfinder Messages & The First Conqueror Info
- Obelisk - Extended floors to 50F
▶ The Obelisk clear record will be reset and will be starting from 1st floor
- Hall of Treasure / Hall of Experience Boss Change
- System & QoL Adjustments
- Bug Fixes
- New Hero Package Sales: Krom (Dark)
- New Hero Alchemy: Krom (Dark) / Joshua (Fire)
- Maintenance Reward: 300 crystals
- Extended Maintenance Reward: 100 crystals

- Obelisk's 'Sigil of Bravery' max capacity will be increased (5 > 7)
- [Hero Contract Grand Alchemy] Purchase Record Reset to 0

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Thank you
GM Lumisade