Greetings, lords around the world!
This is GM Lumisade

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay of January’s update due to the Android OS 11 update. We had to focus on Android OS 11 maintenance first, since it was related critically to in-game design resources, system, UI, content. Due to this priority, QA duration for game content took longer than expected.
Therefore, we had no choice but to reduce the update volume this time and deliver the update details which was originally planned in mid January.

Please find the update details for February 2nd (Tue).

(Please note that the update schedule might be changed due to Google / Apple’s app review.)

* We will let you know the fixed date via further notice.
* Please be aware that you cannot play the game during the maintenance.
* Please note that all screenshots were taken from the test server and currently in Korean.

We will change the images into English versions soon.

■ Lord Info Menu Improvements & Triumph System
“Achieve the new [Triumphs] and acquire [Accolades]!

[Lord Info Window]
[Lord Info / Accolade Info window]
[Triumphs List]

- [Triumphs] and [Accolades] are added!
- Accolades can be obtained and managed in [Accolades] tab in the [User Info].after clearing the listed requirements

[Accolades List]

- Accolades will be obtained automatically by clearing certain missions, and you can choose Accolades to decorate your tab.
- Choose Accolades and drag them in, and Ta-da!!
- You can also check other lords’ Accolade tab and see how they decorated their tabs!

■ 28-Day Journey
“Lord’s 28-Day Journey begins to acquire new attendance rewards!”

[28-Day Journey Attendance Board]

- [28-Day Journey] attendance board will be activated ONLY after ending your ‘10th Hero Contract’.
- The attendance will be activated upon your first login of the day, and also you can find the information at the left corner of the screen in the lobby.
- Once you achieve 28 days of attendance, you can acquire an [Emoticon Random Box].
> You can use the obtained emoticon in chats.
- Upon checking the attendance for 7 consecutive days, you will be able to acquire ‘Alchemy Ticket x3’.

* You can acquire [Alchemy Ticket x3] upon 7 consecutive days attendance!

■ New Hero Release

- Krom (Dark) (★4/Striker) will be added.
- Krom (Dark) will be added in the [Chronicles].
- Krom (Dark) can be recruited by purchasing a Hero Special Package.

■ Equipment Set Effect Revamp

- Class Equipment - [Pierce] Set has been revamped.
> Previous: 4 Set - Adds attacks 20% that ignores defense
> Revamped: 2 Set - Adds attacks 10% that ignores defense (6 Set - 30%)

- Common Equipment [Leech] Set has been revamped.
> Previous: 4 Set - Restores 15% of damage dealt as health
> Revamped: 2 Set - Restores 8% of damage dealt as health (6 Set - 24%)

■ Birthday Hero Grand Alchemy
“It’s true that the Grand Alchemy is available for the birthday hero?!”

- Grand Alchemy will be available for the birthday heroes!
- It has the same system as ‘Contract Hero Grand Alchemy’. You can also choose a hero’s element.
- The Birthday Hero Grand Alchemy is available for 5 times and 1,500 crystals will be consumed per pull.

■ Pathfinder Messages & The First Conqueror Info
“Once you clear every 5th floor with ‘Gold’, you will be able to leave a Pathfinder Message!”

[Pathfinder Messages being displayed during the battle]
[Input your Pathfinder Message!]

[Pathfinder Messages] will be added to the Obelisk.
> Difficulty will be displayed on every 5th floor.
> In the difficult floors, the records of lords who cleared the floor with Gold first will be displayed.
> In the Obelisk, you can leave a Pathfinder Message once you clear every 5th floor with Gold by clicking a button on the lower left corner of the screen.
> The first 100 lords can write a message, so don’t miss your chance!!
> The Pathfinder Messages will be reset upon the Obelisk reset.

- [The First Conqueror] Rank will be added
> The Lord info who cleared the entire Obelisk with Gold first will be displayed on the list.
> You can find the info on the upper left corner of the Obelisk lobby.
** Please note that inappropriate messages violating service terms and conditions will be deleted.
** The server will be divided into Korea / Global, just like Coliseum.

■ Obelisk - Extended floors to 50F
- The Obelisk stages will be extended to 50F.
- There will be new requirements and heroes with new skills.
- Period: New floors will be opened after maintenance

** Please note that the current season will end on January 31st 23:59 (Local time), and you cannot enter the Obelisk until the maintenance.

[Obelisk - 50F]

[Developer’s Comments]

Since the Obelisk stages are extended to 50F, the difficulty of lower floors will be lowered and the difficulty of higher floors will gradually increase. Compared to the last season, there will be more new monsters and various requirements, so that you can enjoy the Obelisk with much more diverse strategies.
Also, new content such as ‘Pathfinder Messages’, ‘The First Conqueror Rank’ are added!

You can look forward to the new Obelisk!

In addition, the requirement to recruit Mei Ling (Light) will be changed as well.

Previous: Clear 20F
Changed: Clear 25F

25th floor’s difficulty will be as similar as the current 20F.
If you have not recruited Mei Ling (Light) even after clearing 20F, you will have to clear 25F to recruit her after the update. So, if there is anyone who hasn’t recruited her yet, we recommend you recruiting her in advance.

* If you have recruited her already, it won’t be affected.

■ Hall of Treasure / Hall of Experience Boss Change
“You will be able to fight new bosses!”

- Hall of Experience: Nine (Earth) → Zaira (Light)
- Hall of Treasure: Laphlaes (Fire) → Krom (Dark)

■ System & QoL Adjustments
- Story Mode & Dungeon Area / Stage / Floor info will be displayed on the 1st wave on the bottom right corner of the screen.

> The information will be displayed only on uncleared stages
> You must ON ‘Pre-Battle Sequence] in Settings

■ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where burst skill damage percentage was not displayed on the enemy’s Dhurahan in the Coliseum.
- Fixed a bug where a hero with ‘Gains an extra turn if an enemy dies’ skill was getting more than 2 extra turns after killing an enemy.
> Affected Heroes: Helga (Dark) / Mei Ling (Light) / Krom (Fire)
- Fixed a bug where ‘Clear a stage with 3★’ mission color was displayed abnormally.

■ New Hero Package Sales
-  Krom (Dark) Package

- Period: After maintenance - April 30th (Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Details: A special package including a new hero Krom (Dark) and various rewards you can obtain by achieving the required levels.

* The package can be on resale and the detailed components can be changed.
* The hero and items (currency and more) can be included in other packages and events.
* You can acquire the rewards via your Inbox upon purchase.
* If you did not get the package even after the purchase, please restart the app several times.

■ New Hero Alchemy
- Heroes: Krom(Dark)
- Period: After maintenance - 4/30(Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)

- Heroes: Joshua(Fire)
- Period: After maintenance - 2/28(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)