Long ago, when many family heads were still nameless lords of small lands, a small girl was born. Sadly, however, the doctor took one look at her and declared that she did not have long to live.

Confined to her bed, the small girl could do nothing but stare outside her window. She couldn't leave, not even to study to become the next head of the family. The freely-blowing wind, the shining sun and moon reflected upon silent waters, the milky night sky stars - all of these were part of Isola, and yet she could not experience them, as the only world she could live in was her tiny little room.

'Is it my destiny to die like this?'

The only one who brought a glimpse of doubt into the girl's world of gloom and doom was a friend called Veronica. When the girl jumped onto a small boat and took sail as an act of sheer desperation and despair, she was lost out in the open sea without a single boat or light in sight. If the mermaid had not given her a helping hand at the right time, Rosanna would have never stood foot on solid land ever again.

Still, the mermaid's help didn't solve everything. Even though Rosanna had regained her health, her family wasn't keen on giving her a chance to rise to power. Instead of speaking out, Rosanna bade her time; growing her forces and looking for an opening. When rumors about 'The Unaging Witch of Devicci' started to spread, the elders finally took note of how the once sickly child had grown. Blood was spilled, and the new family head finally took her righteous place, still looking young as ever despite all the decades that had passed.

Till the Iron-Willed Head of Devicci was named President of Isola, Rosanna overcame numerous hardships. She was steadfast and firm no matter what befell her, and thus she became the mightiest anchor of Isola. Even though her savior and best friend wasn't at her side no more, Rosanna always believed that Veronica's soul was with her - living and breathing inside her.