Get ready as the pages of the War of the Tyrants: Book of Truth will soon be restored!
Look back at the records of history and test your knowledge with our exciting quiz!

📆 Event Duration
2024 Jul. 8th (Mon) – 2024 Jul. 17th (Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)

📌 How to Participate
1. Solve the War of the Tyrants recap quiz shown in the image.
2. Upload your answer on any social media with the following hashtags: #WaroftheTyrants #BookofTruth #LoH
3. Submit your entry for the event using the link below!

- Submit entry here

🎁Event Rewards
Participation reward: 50 Elixirs of Insight

☑️Reward Distribution
2024 Jul. 19th (Fri)

🔔Important Notes
1. Please write the correct User ID and Lord name in the survey to receive the rewards.
2. You can find your User ID in-game via Settings > Support.
3. Please set your post/account to ‘public’ when uploading your answer on social media.
4. If you submit multiple entries with one Lord of Heroes account, only the social media link from your first entry will count. Rewards will be distributed only once.