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✔️Student Council President Lairei's Daily Routine

Ever wondered what a day in the life of the Student Council President is like?Lairei, the Idol of the Hallways, gives us a peek into her daily routine!

✔️Picture Perfect with Astrid

Learn how to capture the perfect selfie from Astrid, Avillon High's master photographer.Grab your cameras and get ready to be the next cover model!

✔️School Anniversary Special

After months of investigation, the Mystery Club has uncovered the truth behind the infamous school statue mystery. Brace yourself for the shocking revelation!

✔️Foodie Mikhail's Tasty Controversy

Join Mikhail and Aran from the Gourmet Club for an open debate on the polarizing topic of pineapple pizza. Don't miss the latest edition of the Foodies Guide!

✔️Spring Fling: Who’s Your Ideal Date?

The school's annual 'Spring Fling' event is just around the corner!
Take part in our survey and share who your ideal date would be!

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