Every Galicistan is talented in song and dance. Some might say that taking away their music and dance would be akin to death. For them, there is no better way to capture the joy of the world than with dance steps, and nothing more fitting to express the unspeakable emotions of sadness and longing than with tune and melody.

A certain traveler found herself in such a world of harmony and rhythm. Some may not know the name of the Virya family, but most people would recognize Rozelic. That's right, she was one of the twelve heroes who saved humanity some fifty years ago. But is it fair to describe her as merely 'one of the Twelve Heroes'? Does that capture the essence of this free-spirited adventurer?

When the world was on the brink of destruction and chaos engulfed the world, no place was safe from the looming threat. Not even Galicista, the land of freedom and passion. The situation was dire enough to shatter the illusions of reality for even a small-town tomboy like Rozelic. She lost her entire family in the conflict and barely escaped with her life, only to find herself waking up in a strange forest and facing a mysterious willow tree. No one will ever know what led her to that tree, but one thing is certain: that fateful encounter would awaken Rozelic and enable her to take her first steps toward saving the world.

After the crisis was averted, some remained, while others departed. Decades have passed since then, and Rozelic's notion of 'freedom' has also evolved. The freedom she sought to survive was already a beautiful thing in itself, but the freedom she strives for the sake of the survivors is equally precious.

So you can be sure that her spark won't fade anytime soon. Who knows where the wind will carry her flames? We can only hope that the wind will guide her in the right direction. As for you, all you have to do is to join her as her partner in her tango of freedom. Fret not, you'll adapt to it in no time. After all, there's a saying in Galicista that goes like this.

"Let us dance to the rhythm our hearts make!"