Arkanath's life has always been shrouded in shadows, a legacy inherited from her mercenary upbringing and the stealthy skills passed down by her parents.

Within the intricate dance of her clandestine existence, Arkanath was vigilant, ensuring that no one dared encroach upon her shadow. Such a transgression was a costly mistake, often paid for with one's life.

However, there came a time when one individual dared to cross that formidable boundary. At first, their interaction was fraught with tension, but gradually, Arkanath opened her heart to this person. It was impossible not to, for he possessed a rare kindness that extended to all, yet his deepest love was reserved solely for Arkanath. Dartel, against all odds, breached the line Arkanath had drawn, and she willingly embraced his light.

Their wedding, held in the middle of a battlefield, was a modest affair, attended by only a handful of guests. Despite the rough edges of their celebration, their love resonated across the world.

As with most love stories, you might wonder about its conclusion. The stars continued to twinkle, and the rivers flowed, but unfortunately, the waxing moon was destined to wane. In what should have been a routine skirmish, Arkanath lost Dartel, and she could only grasp onto his fading breath. With his death, her life descended into unrelenting darkness.

Then, one day, as she languished in her remorseful existence, Arkanath confronted the death she had longed for. Yet, thanks to the descendant of the ancient dragons, her life persisted—though none can say whether the days that followed were illuminated or remained in shadow.

After a long journey through the darkness, Arkanath finally glimpsed the light of day. She found herself in the company of a new, boisterous, but equally radiant group of comrades. Admittedly, it could never be the same; the shadows underfoot lacked Dartel's steps, and the light above lacked his warmth.

Nevertheless, Arkanath will persevere, silently anticipating the light she knew she would one day find at the end of this path, and with that, she would never be alone again.