Greetings, Lords around the world. 
This is GM Lunaris.

Please find the following information regarding the new Featured Summon.

1) ★5 Arkanath (Dark) [Warrior]

- Arkanath (Dark) will be added to the Chronicles.
- Arkanath (Dark) can be recruited through Featured Summon - The Master of Shadows.
- Comments for Arkanath (Dark) will be added to the Archives.

Featured Summon: The Master of Shadows

1) Banner Duration: Nov. 1st (Wed) 03:00 – Dec. 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)
2) Summon Details: Players can summon certain ★5 Heroes & Relics.

▶ Summonable Heroes:
★5 Arkanath (Dark)
/ ★5 Dragon Knight Helga (Water) / ★5 Miriande (Water) / ★5 Mercenary Aslan (Fire)
★5 Ondal (Earth) / ★5 Brandon (Dark) / ★5 Syphfride (Light)

▶ Summonable Relics:
Arkanath (Dark)
/ Dragon Knight Helga (Water) / Miriande (Water) / Mercenary Aslan (Fire)
Ondal (Earth) / Brandon (Dark) / Syphfride (Light)
Mei Ling (Dark) / Mei Ling (Fire) / Mei Ling (Earth) / Mei Ling (Light)
Astrid (Dark) / Astrid (Fire) / Astrid (Water) / Astrid (Earth)
Olivia (Light) / Olivia (Water) / Olivia (Earth)
Helga (Fire) / Helga (Dark) / Helga (Water)
Zaira (Earth) / Zaira (Light) / Zaira (Fire)
Laphlaes (Earth) / Laphlaes (Fire)
Schneider (Earth) / Schneider (Water) / Schneider (Fire) / Schneider (Dark) 
Mikhail (Earth) / Mikhail (Dark) / Charlotte (Earth) / Charlotte (Water) / Charlotte (Dark)
Johan (Light) / Johan (Water) / Johan (Fire)
Fram (Light) / Fram (Fire) / Fram (Water)

[Important Notes]
※ Summoning Period may be subject to change and any changes will be announced in a separate blog post.
※ The 'The Master of Shadows' Summon is categorized as a 'Featured Summon'. All Featured Summons share the same summon count. This summon count does not overlap or count towards other types of summons.
※ Any Relics that are summonable from 'The Master of Shadows' cannot be summoned from 'Contract Summon'.
※ Any Relics & Heroes that are summonable from 'The Master of Shadows' can be summoned from another summons in the future.
※ If the player has not recruited 5★ Arkanath (Dark) within 89 summons, the player is guaranteed to recruit 5★ Arkanath (Dark) on their 90th summon.
※ If the player recruits 5★ Arkanath (Dark) before their 90th, the summon count will be reset.
※ If the player has 'Featured Summon Tickets', the tickets will be used first before other items. However, if the number of tickets possessed is insufficient to perform all desired summons, the player can use Linkstones to complete the summoning process.
※ Detailed information on summon rates is available via the Rates button.

1. Awaiting the Eclipse Package

- Sale Duration: Nov. 1st (Wed) 03:00 – Nov. 3rd (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 4.99 (Once per account)
- For a new bond—'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package will be added to the shop.
- 10 Featured Summon Tickets will be sent to 'Mail' upon purchasing the 'Awaiting the Eclipse' package.

※ 'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package can only be purchased once per account.
※ Featured Summon Tickets can only be used in 'Featured Summon'.
※ Featured Summon Tickets cannot be used in other summons such as Select Summons.
※ Packages may be sold again in the future after the item is taken off sale. Items included may change on resale.

- Meooow! Golden Garr appears! Meet the lucky Golden Garr!

1) Event Information
1. Event Duration: Nov. 3rd (Fri) 03:00 – Nov. 14th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
2. Special Shop Duration: Nov. 3rd (Fri) 03:00 – Nov. 16th (Thu) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2) Special Shop List

Special Shop List
ProductQtyPurchase LimitRequired Medal
Present for Alliance Members
(Can purchase when Lord level is 5 or higher)
Alliance Buff
Mystic Beast Coin Gain Boost!
(Can purchase when Lord level is 5 or higher)
Alliance Buff
Mystic Beast Discovery Rate Boost!
(Can purchase when Lord level is 5 or higher)
Alliance Buff
Mystic Beast Hideout Entry Energy Reduction!
(Can purchase when Lord level is 5 or higher)
Battle Skip Ticket255200
Elixir of Insight301 / Day50
Elixir of Insight (Potent)37 / Week50
Gold200,0005 / Week100
Mystic Soulstones11 / Week500
Crystal2005 / Week100
6★ Replica Chest1550
Commander Agate11010
Guardian Agate11010
Warrior Agate11010
Striker Agate11010
Sniper Agate11010
Cleric Agate11010

※ You can find detailed information about the event in the in-game Event tab.

◈ Items available from 'Presents for Alliance Members'
- Upon purchasing 'Presents for Alliance Members', the player's alliance members will receive one of the following items.
- Available Items: Gold, Crystals, Energy, Elixirs of Insight, Renown, 1x random High Elemental Rune, 1x random Mid Elemental Rune, 1x random Low Elemental Rune, Linkstones, Temporal Threads

3) Please Note
※ Players may not be available to participate in the Mystic Beast Mayhem if they are not in an Alliance.
※ An Alliance can discover up to 30 Mystic Beasts at any one time.
※ Defeated Mystic Beasts and expired discoveries will not be included in the number of currently discovered Mystic Beasts.
※ Energy is required to enter Mystic Beast battles. Energy will be deducted when the battle ends.
※ Players not in an Alliance cannot discover any Mystic Beasts even if they complete story regions and Primeval Hall stages. In addition, players not in an Alliance will not be able to purchase either 'Alliance Buff' or 'Presents for Alliance Members' from the Special Shop.
※ Players must be Lord Level 5 or higher to purchase 'Alliance Buff' and 'Presents for Alliance Members' from the Special Shop.
※ The buff effect from Daily Buffs stack with the Alliance Buff from Mystic Beasts Mayhem.
※ Any leftover Mystic Beast Coin will be converted to gold and sent to the mailbox after the event ends.
※ If alliance members fail to defeat Mystic Beasts within the time limit, all participants will be unable to receive participation rewards.
※ Participation rewards are only obtainable once from each Mystic Beast battle, even if players participate in the same Mystic Beast battle multiple times.

Event 1. Ad Gifts
- Event Duration: Oct. 31st (Tue) 15:00 – Nov. 30th (Thu) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Watch ads and get rewards!

Ads WatchedRewardsQty

Event 2. Avillon Ambassadors
- Event Duration: Oct. 31st (Tue) 15:00 – Nov. 14th (Tue) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Send out your heroes on expeditions and receive rewards!

5Elixir of Insight15
154-6 Replica Chest1

Event 3. Paid to Upgrade
- Event Duration: Nov. 2nd (Tue) 15:00 – Nov. 5th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards for upgrading your equipment! The more you upgrade, the more you get!

10Training Token5
20Training Token5
304-6★ Replica Chest1

Event 4. Meet Golden Garr
- Event Duration: Nov. 3rd (Fri) 03:00 – Nov. 14th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- During the Mystic Beast Mayhem event, seek out and engage in battle with the Golden Garr to earn a reward.

Number of MetRewardsQty

Event 5. Conquer the Silence!
- Event Duration: Nov. 5th (Sun) 15:00 – Nov. 19th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Battle against the Sea God in the Silent Straits and get various rewards!

Battle PlayedRewardsQty
2Thalassic Ticket4
10Thalassic Ticket6

Event 6. Obelisk Ascension
- Event Duration: Nov. 9th (Thu) 15:00 – Nov. 12th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Fight battles in the Obelisk during the event and get rewards!

10Elixir of Insight20
15Sigil of Bravery5
20Replica Chest (Random)1

1. Alchemy - Arkanath (Dark) [Warrior] will be added.
- Duration: Nov. 1st (Wed) 03:00 – Dec. 1st (Fri) 02:59 (UTC+0)