Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is GM Helvania.

Adorable Troublemaker 'Grondal' is returning to Avillon!
Search for the mystical beast Grondal hidden throughout the world!

Please read below for more information.

■ Mystic Beast Hunt: Grondal
- Mystic Beast 'Grondal' will appear in the world during the event!

1) Event Information
- Event Duration: Oct. 13th (Fri) 03:00 – Oct. 17th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Special Shop: Oct. 13th (Fri) 03:00 – Oct. 19th (Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2) Event Rewards

Event Reward
StepsBeast CountRewardsQty
3100,000[Grondal] Medals20
5250,000[Grondal] Medals40
7350,000[Grondal] Medals60
10500,000[Grondal] Medals100

3) Special Shop List

Special Shop List
ProductQtyRequired MedalPurchase Limit
Alchemy Ticket2301/Day
Elixir of Insight2051/Day
Mystic Soulstone11001
Commander Rune1105
Guardian Rune1105
Warrior Rune1105
Striker Rune1105
Sniper Rune1105
Cleric Rune1105
Fire Rune (High)11010
Colorless Rune(High)11010
Fire Rune (Mid)11020
Colorless Rune(Mid)11020

※ You can find detailed information about the event in the in-game Event tab.

※ Please Note
- During the event, a Mystic Beast will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the Story Region and Primeval Hall stages.
- Mystic Beasts only appear in stages that you have already completed.
- 'Grondal Medals' are rewarded when defeating a mystic beast.
- Collected Grondal Medals can be exchanged into various items at the special shop.
- Mystic Beasts appear in random elements, and the obtainable amount of medals varies by their elemental type.
- Mystic Beasts have different stats based on the difficulty level of Story and Primeval Hall stages. However, the amount of obtainable medals is the same.
- Remaining medals are automatically converted to 500 Gold per medal when the event ends.
- Obtained medals can only be used within the duration of the event.

■ Mystic Beast Encounter Rate-Up Event
- Buff Event Dates: Oct. 14th (Sat), Oct. 15th (Sun)
- Buff Duration: 20:00 – 22:00 (Local Time)
- Rate-up Details: The encounter rate of Mystic beasts will be increased from Normal → High during the event.
※ The Rate-Up Buff will be applied based on the time zone players created their account.

We wish all Lords a wonderful and joyful autumn, filled with exciting events!
Thank you.