Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is Jae-Hyun Lim, director of Lord of Heroes.

With September making its mark, we've stepped into the second half of the year. It always amazes me how time flies every time I write an Avillon Post. I always catch myself thinking, "Where did all the time go?"

This year has been a long one, and I have a strong feeling that September is going to be a significant turning point for Lord of Heroes, so let's dive right in.
※ All screenshots in Avillon Post are works in progress. The features on the live servers may be slightly different from what is shown in the images.

■ Aptitude Rework

In the upcoming September update, we'll be making some exciting changes to hero Aptitudes.

In the past, the Aptitude system allowed you to pick and choose which stats to unlock. However, we recognized that it was challenging to gain a significant strategic advantage beyond individual stat increases. Moreover, the stat boosts didn't quite match the effort required to unlock them.

To address this, we are completely reworking the Aptitude system for it to give more depth and meaning to each element and class. We're doing away with the need to choose specific stats to increase. Instead, with each tier of Aptitudes you unlock, you will automatically gain stat boosts, and at a larger rate than before. Players can refer to our upcoming notice post to find specific stat changes for each class.

Furthermore, at Aptitude level 3, you'll unlock exclusive skills, and by reaching Aptitude 5, you'll be able to enhance those skills. These Aptitude Skills feature special effects tailored to each hero's class. We expect players to be able to make use of these new Aptitudes to further dominate the battlefield.

Starting this month, we are introducing a brand-new system called 'Link Summon'. In a nutshell, this means we're bidding farewell to the days of wandering heroes being exclusively sold as paid packages, and making them available for summoning at all times.

You might be wondering why we're making this change instead of rerunning paid heroes as we've done in the past. The short answer is that this change is closely tied to our business model.

Paid heroes have always been a no-frills product, unaffected by any sort of RNG(Random Number Generator, or "drop rates"). As it required players to directly purchase the product, it served as a way for players to differentiate themselves between those who purchased them and those who didn't. However, after analyzing the data we've collected over the past years, we felt it was time for a change.

As of this year, the percentage of users who have purchased heroes as part of a paid package has been relatively low, at around 10–14%. In contrast, we've seen a higher percentage of heroes being acquired through summons during the same period of time.

While circumstances may differ from when Lord of Heroes was initially launched almost three years ago, it's evident that the accessibility of paid heroes has been steadily decreasing over time.

We determined it was essential to improve accessibility to heroes that were previously exclusively available via paid packages. Following an in-depth analysis of data, we found that the most popular method of hero recruitment was through Summons—Hence, we've decided to release the Link Summon system.
Rest assured, we won't be doing this haphazardly. We've prioritized heroes that have not been available for more than 24 months. The Link Summon system is just the first step, and in the September update, some heroes released in 2020 will be coming to meet everyone again.

We'll also continue to offer ways to earn Linkstones through in-game activities, as well as provide players with a well-sized amount through coupons and similar rewards.

To share a bit more about this feature, you'll also have the opportunity to select a guaranteed recruit hero in Link Summons. Players will also have an increased chance to acquire Relics for the hero they selected. As we mentioned earlier, with the hero Aptitudes rework as part of this update, we hope that existing heroes will have a more significant role from now on.

■ New Side Story and New Outfit

We're happy to announce that heroes from the War of the Tyrants will be making a return in the upcoming Side Story. And as many of you may recall, we'll also be releasing the joint winning submission for Avillon's Got Style Contest: Syphfride's Hanbok outfit (designed by 보소루)! We hope many players will be able to enjoy Syphfride's first official outfit.

Syphfride's Hanbok Outfit

Syphfride's limited outfit contains many intricate details that stand out.

And that's all for the first update of September. But of course, when there's a first, there's always a second. So make sure to stay tuned.

■ Visitors from Another World

Strangers from another world are approaching.

Frankly, while writing this edition of the Avillon Post, I wasn't entirely sure if it was appropriate to reveal so many unreleased details that are mostly considered "internal matters". Still, given the magnitude of the changes we're implementing, we wanted to give you an honest glimpse into our intentions and what's going on behind the scenes. As a core principle, we believe transparency towards our fans is essential, even if it makes things a bit long-winded at times.

We're finally seeing the heat die down a little with autumn quickly approaching us. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy as always, and don't forget to take advantage of the great weather and spend time with your loved ones.

Thank you to all Lords out there once again, and may each day of yours be better than the last.

Yours sincerely,
Jae-Hyun Lim.

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