Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Helvania.

Let's take a look at the new content and various events we have lined up for the arrival of the new hero Cesaire (Light) and Family Month Festival.

Please refer to the information below.

■ Family Month Festival Check-In Event

In honor of Family Month, we would like to join our fellow Lords from around the world in celebrating with our families.

In light of this, we have prepared a Check-In Event for our Lords so everyone can celebrate the Family Month and enjoy a wonderful May.

- Event Duration: April 29th (Sat) 03:00 – May 7th (Sun) 03:00 (UTC+0)

- The Check-In Event will activate when you log in during the event period.
- Once activated, the Check-In Event will last for 14 days, starting from the first day you logged in.

※ Local time is set to the timezone of the country where the account was created.
※ Even if the date changes while logged in, the log-in will only count if the player performs an action. Players must press the gift box button on the top left of the screen for log-ins to count towards the Check-In Event.

■ Family Month Festival Coupon

Everyone is waiting for you in Avillon. Let's have a good May together, Your Highness.🥰

✔️ Code

📌 Valid
- Until May 31st 14:59 (UTC+0)

📌 How to use the coupon
- Android: In-game [Settings] > [Support] > [Enter Code]
- iOS: Go to the website below and enter your User ID and the coupon code.* Coupon redemption link:

■ Family Month Festival Non-Stop Buff Event

- Event duration: April 28th (Fri) 15:00 – May 5th (Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)
・ 20% Reduced Energy Consumption in all Story Regions and Primeval Halls stages.
・ 100% Bonus Gold and EXP in Story Regions.

■ New Heroes

1) ★5 Cesaire (Light)

- Cesaire (Light) will be added to the Chronicles.
- Cesaire (Light) can be recruited through Featured Summon: Arcana Primera.
- Comments for Cesaire (Light) will be added to the Archives.

1) Banner Duration: May 1st (Mon) 03:00 – July 1st (Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
2) Summon Details: Players can summon certain ★5 Heroes & Relics.

▶ Summonable Heroes:
★5 Cesaire (Light), ★5 Lairei (Fire), ★5 Krom (Water), ★5 Lucilicca (Earth), ★5 Alev (Fire), ★5 Lumie (Water), ★5 Walther (Earth), ★5 Krom (Fire), ★5 Lucilicca (Water), ★5 Lairei (Earth), ★5 Lumie (Fire), ★5 Walther (Water), ★5 Alev (Earth), ★5 Nine (Fire), ★5 Baretta (Water), ★5 Solphi (Earth)

▶ Summonable Relics:
Lairei (Fire) / Krom (Water) / Lucilicca (Earth) / Alev (Fire) /Lumie (Water)
Walther (Earth) / Krom (Fire) / Lucilicca (Water) / Lairei (Earth) / Lumie (Fire)
Walther (Water) / Alev (Earth) / Nine (Fire) / Baretta (Water) / Solphi (Earth)

3) Please Note
※ Summoning Period may be subject to change and any changes will be announced in a separate blog post.
※ The 'Arcana Primera' Summon is categorized as a 'Featured Summon'. All Featured Summons share the same summon count. This summon count does not overlap or count towards other types of summons.
※ Any Relics that are summonable from 'Arcana Primera' cannot be summoned from 'Contract Summon'.
※ Any Relics & Heroes that are summonable from 'Arcana Primera' can be summoned from another summons in the future.
※ If the player has not recruited 5★ Cesaire (Light) within 89 summons, the player is guaranteed to recruit 5★ Cesaire (Light) on their 90th summon.
※ If the player recruits 5★ Cesaire (Light) before their 90th summon, the summon count will be reset.
※ If the player has 'Featured Summon Tickets', the tickets will be used first before other items. However, if the number of tickets possessed is insufficient to perform all desired summons, Linkstones will be used to complete the summoning process.※ Detailed information on summon rates is available via the Rates button.

■ New Paid Items

1. Awaiting the Eclipse Package
- Sale duration: May 1st (Mon) 03:00 – May 4th (Thu) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 4.99 (Once per account)
- For a new bond—'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package will be added to the shop.
- 10 Featured Summon Tickets will be sent to 'Mail' upon purchasing the 'Awaiting the Eclipse' package.

※ 'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package can be purchased only once per account.
※ Featured Summon Tickets can be only used in the 'Featured Summon'.
※ Featured Summon Tickets cannot be used in other summons such as Select Summon.
※ Packages may be sold again in the future after the item is taken off sale. Items included may change on resale.

■ Adjustments in Alchemy

1. Alchemy - Cesaire (Light) [Sniper] artifacts will be added.
- Event duration: May 1st (Mon) 12:00 – July 1st (Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)