It's common sense that a curse is not something that any normal person would want.
Being cursed wouldn't help with daily life, and would likely just invoke fear in others. It simply follows that people would hate a witch that went around spreading curses.

But Cesaire, who had never done any such things, was devastated when she was falsely accused of witchcraft.
No matter how much she pleaded with the townsfolk, no one would listen to her. After years of being plundered by raiders and suffering from drought and famine, they were desperately looking for someone, anyone, on whom to place the blame for it all. The easiest explanation that they could come up with was that all their hardships were the doing of a witch.
And so it was Cesaire Alteon who was made into a scapegoat by the townspeople—just because she was ever so slightly more cunning and beautiful than the rest of the crowd.
However, as she pleaded to the gods to save her, her prayers were answered instead by a voice from the darkest depths of the abyss.

Open me.

Cesaire did as the voice commanded. 'It' gave her access to infinite wisdom, but at the same time, endless darkness. Thus she was transformed from one falsely accused of a cursed witch into a powerful dark sorceress.

Thanks to her transformation, she obtained the power to accomplish whatever she wished.
And she wished to toy with those who had doomed her, then crush them like insects.

As time went by, Cesaire was able to do the bidding of the darkness without needing to hear the voice first. 'It' was very pleased by this.
Many events transpired, and the titles that Cesaire acquired over time grew... The Gray Witch, the Purple Butcher, the Scarlet Sage, and the Empire's Premiere Mage... Surely there will be more to come.

But what would happen to Cesaire if she were to lose 'it'? Would she plead for help from the gods as she had done before? Or would she grieve because she missed the comfort she found in the voice of the dark abyss?


She listens to her own voice now.