Upcoming April 21st marks 2 years since we launched Global Phase 2, meeting many new Lords around the world!

We want to show our thanks to everyone who enjoys and supports Lord of Heroes by holding a special event to commemorate this day!

■ 2nd Anniversary Celebration Illustration Retweet Event

Share the posts of our Official Facebook channel, Kakao Talk channel, and Official Twitter! Achieve a certain number of shares all together and receive rewards!

✔️Event Channel

✔️ Duration
2023 April 21st (Fri) – April 24th (Mon)

🎁 Rewards

1,000 SharesElixirs x 30
3,000 SharesEnergy x 6,000
7,000 SharesGold x 50,000
10,000 SharesRenown x 50,000
15,000 SharesMystic Soulstone x 1

* Shares on Official Facebook channel, Kakao Talk channel, Official Twitter retweets will be counted.
※ Your rewards will be sent to your Inbox once the event ends.

■ Global 2nd Release: 2nd Anniversary Coupon


- Duration: Until May 31st (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)

📌 How to use the coupon
- Android : In-game [Settings] > [Support] > [Enter Code]
- iPhone : Go to [ Coupon Site ] with your Player ID found in the [Support]

Be sure to redeem the code before it expires!

We will always try our best to provide a better experience.
Have a wonderful day!

And as always, thank you, Your Highness!