It has not been very long since the Dokkaebi formed their own status in 'civilized society', and in the past, misunderstandings have led some to think of them as monsters that attack and eat humans. There is some truth to that reputation, as some of them have been violent and unable to adapt to civilization. Although they are now a powerful tribe that interacts with many great nations, if one were to ask anyone if people's understanding of them has changed, they would reply by solemnly shaking their heads in disagreement.

For a member of a nomadic tribe that consists mostly of mercenaries, Aran becoming this generation's elect was quite an unusual event. Of course, this caused quite a rattle within her tribe or even among other nations including Mir. However, Aran and her mentor were both quite humble about it. Aran simply did her best given the situation she was in, and her mentor, the elect of Suzaku of the previous generation, devoted herself to teaching her pupil everything she knew. With a formidable bond like the one they had, what difference do things like bloodline, hometown, or race make? Between them was a fateful connection that greatly overshadowed such insignificant factors.

In time, Aran officially became the Suzaku's elect of her generation and her mentor vanished without a trace. No one knows whether she chose to disappear or if it was the doing of someone else. Some suggested that it was karma for taking on a Dokkaebi as her pupil. Others said that it was Aran's karma for dishonoring Dokkaebi for bowing before the empress. It is still not clear, and will never be, what is the truth.

However, nothing will stop Aran from moving onward. With all her faith, she wishes for the best as she continues her journey, quiet and unwavering along her path, longing to someday reunite with her mentor.