Lord of Heroes' Calendar Wallpaper for April has arrived! πŸ“†βœ¨
Let's check who's birthday is on this April!😊☘

Feel free to download the wallpapers to use!

πŸ“† Aslan Wallpaper

[1] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3ZtEVjk
[2] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3lO7lqy

[1] PC(2880x1800) https://bit.ly/3U0aeRq
[2] PC(1920x1080) https://bit.ly/3TXAQ5D

πŸ“† Brandon Wallpaper

[1] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3zdXZaF
[2] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3TVLgTh

[1] PC(2880x1800) https://bit.ly/3nBPmEl
[2] PC(1920x1080) https://bit.ly/3m3kKuJ

πŸ“† Joshua Wallpaper

[1] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3lQEEcm
[2] Mobile(1440x3200) https://bit.ly/3ZspRlO

[1] PC(2880x1800) https://bit.ly/417CWT9
[2] PC(1920x1080) https://bit.ly/40vLnaQ