Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Helvania.

To celebrate Lord of Heroes' 3rd Anniversary, Avillon will be running tons of events!
Check out the details below!

■ Event 1!

Celebrating LoH's 100th Hero - Aptitude Enhancement Event

In celebration of Avillon's 100th knight, we're holding a special event!

Throughout this event, you can earn Mystic Soulstones every time you unlock a hero's aptitude!

📆 Event Duration
After March 23rd (Thu) maintenance – April 9th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0).
All Lords who have unlocked event heroes' aptitudes.

▶ Event Heroes
Lucilicca (Earth), Krom (Water), Lairei (Fire), Walther (Earth), Lumie (Water), Alev (Fire), Lairei (Earth), Lucilicca (Water), Krom (Fire), Alev (Earth), Walther (Water), Lumie (Fire), Solphi (Earth), Baretta (Water), Nine (Fire), Syphfride (Light), Brandon (Dark), Dragon Knight Helga (Water), Ondal (Earth), Lyn (Fire), Biryu (Dark)  

◈ Rewards
🎁 Level 1 Unlocked: 1 Mystic Soulstone
🎁 Level 2 Unlocked: 1 Mystic Soulstone
🎁 Level 3 Unlocked: 1 Mystic Soulstone

※ Each aptitude can be unlocked to Level 3. You can receive 1 Mystic Soulstone for each unlocked level.

✔ Reward Payout
- Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox on April 10th (Mon). > TBD
※ The user data extraction and review process is being delayed due to internal reasons. Event rewards will be sent out by Mail as soon as all user data is confirmed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
※ Payout date may change.

■ Event 2!

3rd Anniversary Avillon Knights Group Snapshot Event
- The Avillon Knights Edition outfits are coming back in celebration of Avillon's Foundation Day!

Dress up your favorite knight in Avillon Knights Edition outfitand create memories of this anniversary with group photos in Unity Plaza!

📌 How to participate
1. Visit Unity Plaza and take group photos of 3 or more knights wearing their Avillon Knights Edition outfit!
2. Upload the image on any social media with the following hashtags: #LordofHeroes #AvillonKnights
3. Register your submission for the event using the link below!

📆 Event Duration
After March 23rd (Thu) maintenance – April 3rd (Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)

☑️ Winner Announcement
- A separate announcement will be made on April 7th (Fri).

🎁 Reward
- Participation Reward: 30 Temporal Threads

🔔 Please Note
1. Please write the correct User ID and Lord name in the survey to receive the reward.
2. Your User ID can be found in the in-game Settings > Support.
3. Please set your post/account to 'public' when uploading the screenshot on social media.
4. There are no restrictions on which social media platform you may post the screenshot on.
5. In the case of multiple event submissions registered using one Lord of Heroes account, only the first submitted social media link will be counted and rewards will be given only once.

■ Event 3!

Honors Club / Avillon Festa Packages up to 75% Off!

[ Honors Club Discount ]
- Duration: After March 23rd (Thu) maintenance – April 25th (Tue) 03:00 (UTC+0)
- The Honors Club package will be available at a special discounted price for 1 month.

※ Please Note
- If you have already purchased the Honors Club package, you can purchase it again after the effect of the ongoing package ends.

[ Avillon Festa Discount ]

※ This package has 5 levels. Each level is unlocked after purchasing the previous one. (i.e., Purchasing Level 2 unlocks the Level 3 purchase option)
※ Levels 1–4 can be purchased only once, but Level 5 can be purchased up to 5 times.
> ※ Levels 1–4 can be purchased only once, but Level 5 can be purchased up to 10 times. - 3/29 03:00 UTC+0

※ Please Note
- The Avillon Festa Package may be available again at the start of each month.
- You can claim the items via the Shop tab in 'Mail' upon purchase.
- If you are unable to claim the purchased item from the inbox, please exit the game and try rebooting the app.

■ Google Play Points Promotion

- New Google Play Points items will be available from March 23rd (Thu) 03:00 – September 30th (Sat) 14:59 (UTC+0).
- Use your Google Play Points to purchase coupons available during the event period!

※ Google Play Points can only be redeemed at Google Play Store.
※ Items purchased with Google Play Points may not be refundable.
※ Please contact Google Play customer service for issues regarding Google Play Points.
※ Google Play Points items can be purchased at the Google Play Store.

That's all for we've prepared for Lord of Heroes' 3rd anniversary.
We hope that you enjoy the events and celebrate with us in Avillon!