Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is Jae-Hyun Lim, director of Lord of Heroes.

Hope everyone's doing well! This is already our third edition of Avillon Post this year.

It is a common courtesy to start with a comment regarding the warm weather, but here in South Korea, the weather shifted from cold to warm and back to cold again. Still, spring has sprung and we devs have survived the viciously cold winter. There is so much to talk about regarding this month's update, and I was dying to release it to all of you as soon as possible!

So without further ado, here are the contents we've been working on so far!

■ New Story: 'Nightmare' - Part1

The teaser video has recently been released. As you all know by now, a new story will be updated this month. Prepare to witness catastrophic events in the new 'Nightmare' scenario!

Nightmares usually last until you wake up.

Oh, and it's worth noting that we've taken a slightly different approach to combats in this scenario. The battles themselves will now contain some of the narratives. We aimed for the stage battles of Nightmare to be more fun, rather than a chore that needs to be completed before enjoying the story.

We hope you'll survive through this Nightmare by combining your hearts and efforts together with your knights.

■ 7★ Promotion

As a new threat tries to devour the world, your heroes now need to be stronger to withstand the catastrophe. Promotion will be expanded to 7★! You can use the colorless agates that you obtained from the Hall of Agates to promote your heroes.

7★ heroes’ power rating will greatly increase compared to 6★ heroes.

It will be not easy to promote your favorite heroes to 7★, but once promoted, they surely will prove themselves worthy of their titles.

■ New Raid: Glacier of Oblivion

A new Raid boss will be added to the world.

I think some of you have already guessed who will show up in this raid.

Unlike the previous raids, 'Glacier of Oblivion' consists of multiple stages.
Of course, the higher stage you complete, the more precious the rewards!
Another huge difference is that you can set your heroes' actions more in detail in this raid; Actions such as which skill to use first or which target to attack first can be optimized to suit your needs. Be sure to check out the upcoming update notice for more details!

■ New Mystic Equipment

3 new set items will be available from the Glacier of Oblivion raid. These items will be classified as new 'Mystic' equipment. [Shock] and [Leech] equipment that were previously available from Kraken's Coffer will be classified as 'Mystic' grade as well.

Using Mystic equipment is very advantageous in a hero's gear setting, since they can be equipped regardless of heroes' classes. We expect the combination of class-limited sets and Mystic items can greatly develop the versatility of gear settings and increase your heroes' potential.

Not relevant to anything mentioned above, but here's a fan art of Schneider from one of our illustrators.

■ Biryu (Dark) has arrived

As you've already seen in the March Avillon post's main image, the first of 3 Far Easterners is finally coming to Avillon. Biryu is the elect of Genbu, one of the Four Heavenly Beasts of the Far East, a young man with a calm and upright personality. He has more common sense compared to others around him, so getting caught up in trouble is one of his characteristics. He's a new addition to the Commander Class pool, and will be showing his skills in the new raid content mentioned earlier.

I hope the other Far Easterners will come and visit all of us soon!

■ Join in on a Donation with Friends

Do you remember the donation campaign from last year that we ran with UNICEF? Thanks to many Lords participating in the campaign for a good deed, we managed to help many children around the world. And this year, to continue our journey to make this world a better place, we are running a donation event in collaboration with 'Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders'.

Just like last year where you could recruit Johan (Water), you can recruit Lairei (Water) when participating in the event!

An image of the accolade you can obtain upon completing the event.

Lairei (Water) leads a merchants' guild that not only trades goods all over the world, but also works hand in hand with international aid organizations and transports relief goods to where they're needed. Maybe that is why she was selected as the hero to represent our donation campaign for this year.

We hope many of you participate in this year's donation event as well.

■ Anniversary Events

A lot of events are going on to celebrate Avillon's Foundation Day. Count down together starting from March 16th 00:00 (UTC+0) until the Foundation Day! There are short stories of the early members of your Knights as well!

A different hero will greet you each day.
★100 Summon Tickets for everyone!!★ Hope you can meet a new hero!
What is this little cutie? And where can you get it?

The RERUN event for wandering heroes will be running again, so be sure to not miss out on the chance to meet them.

That's all for this March's update.
Err... something's weird... I thought I would have to write a book about this month's content, but when written in a post, it seems like there's not much to scroll through...
But as you know, the value of content is not defined by the volume of a blog post. So please come over to Avillon and enjoy what we've prepared for you.

Oh, I almost forgot...! How did you like the 'Avillon's Got Style' outfit contest? All of us here really enjoyed all the various and talented outfit designs.

Surprisingly, we even found some outfits that had a similar design concept that was already developed internally.

The costumes will be revealed in a slightly different way as soon as possible.😁

Lord of Heroes is turning 3 years old soon.

I can't say that the past years of working on Lord of Heroes were all sunshine and rainbows, but it's been one heck of a ride. I hope you feel the same way as I do, and we wish that we can look back on this moment together many years from now.

Sincerely, Jae-Hyun Lim.

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