Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Helvania.

Please check the update details for February 7th.

※ February 7th(Tue) update will be patched without maintenance.
※ The detailed schedule for the maintenance will be announced via a separate notice post.
※ The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenanc.

■ Outfits RERUN

- Heroes' outfits will be on sale in Aurea's Boutique EVERY DAY during the event!
- Previously released costumes will rerun in Boutique / Designer's Closet or each period.
- Duration: February 7th (Tue) maintenance – February 19th (Sun) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Each costume will be on sale from 03:00 that day to 03:00 the next day (UTC+0).

※ All editions/collections are outfits that change a Hero's overall appearance.
※ Outfit grades are divided into Normal and Limited editions.
※ Players can purchase Normal Edition at 'Boutique' and Limited Edition at 'Designer's Closet'.
※ Limited Edition costumes are defined by their unique coloring in comparison to their Normal counterparts.

■ New Items in Shop

■ Hero Package: Nine (Earth) Rerun

- Nine (Earth) [Striker] will be added to the shop.
- Sale duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – April 1st(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 37.99
- Immediately get 1,500 Crystals upon recruitment.

■ Hero Package: Lairei (Light) Rerun

- Lairei (Light) [Striker] will be added to the shop.
- Sale duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – April 1st(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 22.99
- Immediately get 100 Elixirs of Insight upon recruitment.

2) Hero Gift Package: [Light] Lairei Gift Package

- Content: Hero Gift Package
- Sale duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – April 1st(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 7.99
- This package is available only after purchasing Lairei (Light) Hero Package
- Can be purchased up to a maximum of 3 times. Can obtain a special accessory when purchased all 3 times

- Accessory Option: Attack +3% / Critical Hit Rate +3% / Critical Damage +3%

※ [Summer Break Dhurahan] cannot be obtained by Costume or Accessory Crafting.
※ The package is effective immediately upon purchase and thus not refundable.
※ The price is based on Google Play Store.
※ Packages may be sold again in the future after the item is taken off sale. Items included may change on resale.
※ Heroes, equipment, and items (in-game currency, etc.) that are included in the package can be sold in other in-game events and shops.
※ You can claim the items via the Shop tab in 'Mail' upon purchase.
※ If you are unable to claim the purchased item from the inbox, please exit the game and try rebooting the app.
※ Items cannot be restored if they are not claimed from the mail before the item expires.

■ Awaiting the Eclipse Package
- Sale duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – February 10th(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD 4.99 (Once per account)
- For a new bond—'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package will be added to the shop.
- 10 Featured Summon Tickets will be sent to 'Mail' upon purchasing the 'Awaiting the Eclipse' package.

※ 'Awaiting the Eclipse' Package can be purchased only once per account.
※ Featured Summon Tickets can be only used in the 'Featured Summon'.
※ Featured Summon Tickets cannot be used in other summons such as Select Summon.
※ Packages might be sold again after the sales period ends. The items included may change on resale.

■ Avillon Event Updates

Event 1. Mystic Beast Hunt:Grondal
- During the event period, Grondal will appear in the world!

[ Event Schedule ]
- Duration: February 10th(Fri) 03:00 – February 25th(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Special Shop: February 10th(Fri) 03:00 – February 27th(Mon) 02:59 (UTC+0)

[ Event Rewards ]

[ Special Shop List ]

※ You can find detailed information about the event in the in-game Event tab.

※ Please Note
- During the event, a Mystic Beast will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the story region and Primeval Hall stages.
- Mystic Beasts only appear in stages that you have already completed!
- Hunting medals that can be used at the special shop will be rewarded when defeating a mystic beast.
- Collected medals can be exchanged into various items at the special shop.
- The mystic beast appears in random elements, and the obtainable amount of hunting medals varies by its elemental type.
- The mystic beast has different stats varied by the difficulty level of stories and Primeval Hall stages, but the amount of obtainable hunting medals is the same.
- The remaining hunting medals are automatically compensated to 500 Gold per medal when the event ends.
- The obtained hunting medals can only be used during the event duration.

Event 2. Daily Battle Training
- Duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance ~ February 19th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Rewards are available upon the number of times played through story stages, Primeval Halls, Raid, Obelisk, Coliseum, Unity Plaza Friendly Match!

Event 3. Paid to Upgrade
- Duration: February 9th(Thu) 15:00 – February 12th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Get rewards every day for upgrading your equipment! The more you upgrade, the more you get!

Event 4. Vie for Victory!
- Duration: February 12th(Sun) 15:00 ~ February 26th 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Win battles in the coliseum and get rewards upon number of victories!

Event 5. Energetic Efforts
- Duration: February 12th(Sun) 15:00 – February 26th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Receive rewards based on the amount of energy you used, alongside extra rewards!

Event 6. Obelisk Ascension
- Duration: February 16th(Thu) 15:00 – February 19th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Fight battles in the Obelisk during the event and earn rewards!

Event 6. Training with Aslan
- Duration: February 19th(Sun) 15:00 ~ March 5th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Get rewards depending on the number of victories at the ‘Mercenary Training Grounds’.

Event 7. Tome of Calamity
- Duration: February 19th(Sun) 15:00 ~ March 5th(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Trigger Stagger on a monster of each element 2 times or more and get rewards!

■ Adjustments in Alchemy

1. Alchemy - Nine (Earth) [Striker] artifacts will be added.
- Duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – April 1st(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)

2. Alchemy - Lairei (Light) [Striker] artifacts will be added.
- Duration: February 7th(Tue) maintenance – April 1st(Sat) 02:59 (UTC+0)