The Ancient Dragons, also known as the first dragons of the world, usually act as bystanders or observers as to what occurs in this world. However, only one of their descendants have actively taken part in known history.

Syphfride, known as the 'Draconic Descendant', first appeared in known human history during the Second War of the Tyrants. She gained fame for her near-endless healing magic that would pour from the skies like rain, as well as her iron will that would not budge in the face of adversary. People started gathering around her one by one, and when the chaos settled down, they were worshipped as 'The Twelve Heroes'. In the eyes of Syphfride, however, fame and heritage held no importance. She merely cared for all the simple beings that lived out their lives in this beautiful world she called a home. While she was the lone descendant between ancient dragon and humankind, she was also an outsider to every society in the world; thus, as someone who didn't belong anywhere, the memories she held with those she could call her friends were her most cherished treasures.

Thanks to her longevity, Syphfride does have the time to build up more memories. Sadly, that also meant that she would outlive those who would build those memories with her. Sometimes, she dreams of ending her journeys and falling into an endless sleep that she would not wake from... when there is nobody left to remember her.

Still, time is endless. Perhaps one day there will be someone to find her amongst the endless stars, building a new, fresh relationship. That person could tell her that her journey didn't have to end, that she only needed to stay nearby, and that she would be remembered forever. She would snort in disbelief, perhaps add a witty retort, but her shifting tail would give off her true feelings.