Greetings, Lords around the world!

This is GM Lunaris.
Let's take a look at the update we have lined up for January 20th (Fri).
※ The update details shared below may be subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

■ New Outfits
1. Outfits: Hanbok - Lucilicca

“You're just going to stand there? Look, even the moonlight is swaying to the melody of the night.”

- Lucilicca's 'Hanbok Collection' will be added to the Boutique / Designer's Closet.
- Duration: January 20th(Fri) after maintenance – March 1st(Wed) 02:59 (UTC+0)

※ Hanboks are outfits that change a Hero's overall appearance.
※ Outfit grades are divided into Normal and Limited editions.
※ Players can purchase Normal Edition at [Boutique] and Limited Edition at [Designer's Closet]
※ Limited Edition costumes are defined by their unique coloring in comparison to their Normal counterparts.

■ Avillon Event Updates:
Event 1. Mystic Beast Hunt
- Duration: January 20th(Fri) 03:00 – Jan 31st(Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- Special Shop Duration: January 20th(Fri) 03:00 – February 2nd(Thur) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- During the event period, Lunarbler will appear in the World!

[Event Rewards]

[Special Shop List]

※ Find detailed information about the Event in the in-game Event tab.

[Mystic Beast Hunt Info]
- During the hunt, a Mystic Beast will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the story region and Primeval Hall stages.
- You must have already completed the stage for a mystic beast to appear.
- When you defeat a mystic beast, you can receive 'Lunar Grab Bag' that can be used at the special shop.
※ You can use the collected Lunar Grab Bag to exchange for various items at the special shop.
※ The mystic beast appears in random elements, and the amount of Lunar Grab Bag dropped varies by the beast's elemental type.
※ The mystic beast has different stats depending on the difficulty of the stage or the difficulty of the Primeval Hall stage. However, the obtainable amount of Lunar Grab Bag is the same.
※ Leftover Lunar Grab Bags are automatically converted to 500 Gold per bag when the event ends.
※ Obtained Lunar Grab Bags can only be used during the event period.

Event 2.  15-Day Resolution
- Duration: January 19th(Thu) 15:00 – February 9th(Thu) 14:59 (UTC+0)
Log in for 15 days and get a reward in celebration of the Lunar New Year!

Event 3. Plaza Playtime
- Duration: January 25th(Wed) 15:00 – February 8th(Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Join Friendly Matches in Unity Plaza during the event period and get rewards!

Event 4. Lunar New Year Special Buff Event

■ New Paid Items
■ Snowball Party Package

- Duration: January 20th(Fri) 03:00 – January 31st(Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)
- The following packages will be only available during the Lunar New Year event period.

※ Each package may only be purchased once per account within the current event period.
※ When purchasing the package, the previous tier must be purchased to unlock the next tier.
※ A piece of special artwork will be unlocked for each package purchased.

■ 5 Energy Festival Packages
- Duration: January 20th(Fri) 03:00 – January 31st(Tue) 02:59 (UTC+0)

※ When purchasing the Energy Festival Package, the previous tier must be purchased to unlock the next tier.