Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Isola.

As we announced in our previous announcement, the 'Announcement Over Illicit Activities in Alchemarket' published on August 9th, RMT and other illicit activities that upset the balance of the game, and as such, are prohibited under the Term of Service.

However, even after the announcement on August 9th, we still have confirmed players engaging in such illicit activities.

To prevent the expansion of illicit activities, we will be taking the actions listed below against accounts that we have confirmed participation in prohibited activities using Alchemarket.

◈ Actions against Illicit Activities in Alchemarket

1. Reason for Disciplinary Actions
- Violating the Article 9 in the Terms of Services

2. Disciplinary Actions
- 30 Days Temporary Suspension / Retrieving all items earned from prohibited activities

3. Accounts :

※ Any in-game items or other profits from prohibited activities will be retrieved.
※ If an account possesses items/currencies less than the unjust enrichment they have earned, the ‘Resources Withdrawn’ system will apply to the account.
※ Accounts with the ‘Resources Withdrawn’ system applied will be unable to earn any in-game items/currencies until they have returned all amount of their unjust enrichment. (Items and currencies charged as unjust enrichment will be returned immediately to the 'Resources Withdrawn' system once the account earns them.)
※ Disciplinary action against accounts involved in any violation/prohibited activities will proceed without any prior announcement.

Please be aware of our Terms of Service, and take care to steer clear of any activity that violates the Terms of Service in any circumstances.

Thank you.