“Like the stars that brighten the night, I'll always be watching after you Lord. ”

- Sales Period: Sep 1, 03:00 ~ Oct 31, 14:59 (UTC+0)

- Mikhail’s [Avillon Knight Edition] will be released at Boutique / Designer’s Closet
- Avillon Knight Edition is a costume item that changes Heroes’ appearance overall.
- Costume’s grades are divided into Normal and Limited version.
- Players are able to purchase Normal version at [Boutique] and Limited version at [Designer’s Closet].
- The Limited version of the costumes are more special in terms of color.

[Avillon Knight Edition - Shadow Upon A Star]

Mikhail, a knight who stand by the Lord like the stars in the sky. 🏹🌟

On September 1st, 03:00 (UTC+0)!
Meet Mikhail’s Avillon Knight Edition that will light everyone’s heart like the stars!