Many things happened before Brandon became what he is now. After accepting the call of chaos and swallowing an immortal fairy, his body was stuck in a rewound state and his country fell to ruin. He was forced to spend his endless years stuck in the darkness of the abyss, not being able to rest his feet on solid ground due to the very Earth refusing him that luxury. However, an unexpected visit from a single spiritmancer changed his fate and turned everything upside down.

The warm, shimmering sunlight of morning... the evenings full of chirping crickets and warm meals... everything felt different in comparison to the past, and he was thankful for every single moment of it. Even if the flow of time would eventually bring them apart, Brandon was content to say that everything he had received was already enough. However, the world betrayed him once more.

Another disaster, another loss. Who in this world would be able to recover from such pain and despair? While many see Brandon as a superhuman being far beyond the common man, he was never once in control of anything... neither his immortal life, nor his lost memories.

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