I still dream of that day.

For hundreds of years, you were the only thing I could see.
You were the only light in my cursed eyes. And you were my world.

Now I know.
You, the one who gave me the biggest gift, is now gone.


I've saved your world.
But now my world vanished.
The light of dawn is not as bright as before.
The rain you loved, doesn't feel like a present anymore.
And the others...

They don't even realize the days they live are gifted to them. A gift paid with someone's life...
Can you still love them?

I cannot love everything that you've loved.
But perhaps I could at least protect them.
Don't worry. As long as your warmth remains...

I have a favor to ask, it probably would be the last.
Please be well and warm there.

And, let's meet again someday.