Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Rhodon.

We will be holding a new Account Safety Campaign to keep everyone's play data safe!

Protect the precious memories with Heroes by linking your account!
'Linkstones' will be given when you link an account!

■ Account Safety Campaign

◈ Period

- After the maintenance on Jun 23 ~ Until further notice

- 500 Linkstones

※ Account Link Reward is available only once per account.
※ Account Link Reward can be received at the [Citadel > Setting > Information] after linking an account.
※ Received linkstones will be immediately added to the player’s account.
※ Players who have already linked their accounts will be available to receive the reward without additional linking.

In-game data of 'Guest Account' might get lost when you delete the app or change to a different device! Please protect the account data by linking an account!