There are nearly countless people aiming to become one of the next Archmages of Lumisade. It is the dream job of many, including almost every Academy student. Still, as people start to face the obstacles of reality as they grow older, most people give up in the end, knowing that their efforts will never be enough. Others would start aiming for less-demanding jobs but 'higher-value' titles, dropping their goals to meet the amount of stress they can handle. In the end, those people never achieve anything.

In the midst of all this, there was one child who put all her effort into her work. Ever since she had attended the First Archmage's seminar, her dream would only stand to grow bigger. What was the difference between her and the masses? Nobody knew, but one thing was clear. Lucilicca never gave up.

The Second Archmage of Lumisade. The Determined Idealist. There are many titles for her, but we only need to remember one thing. Even if her teacher loses control, even if her subjects turn against her, and even if a calamity befalls Lumisade - Lucilicca will never falter.

Check out the introduction 🎬 footage of Lucilicca [Here]

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