In the past, there was a family of three. The father and mother decided to start anew, throwing away their poverty-stricken past. Selling everything they had, the two of them lead their only son on to a boat headed for Isola.

A few days later, Isola's seas experienced a record-breaking storm. A single shipwreck floated upon the coastal shores, and officials were dispatched to salvage what was left. As soldiers explored the wreck, one of their number found a young boy who had miraculously managed to survive. After freeing him from the debris, the soldiers brought the child ashore and to safety.

What happened to the boy afterwards?
While the world had taken everything from him, it also decided not to ignore him. A warm bowl of porridge, a small but cozy room, a precious book of knowledge...

The town baker who brought him warm loafs of bread, the retired knight who proclaimed himself the boy's guardian... Many people decided to help the boy, bringing warmth and love into his life.

While the boy's life was full of hardships, the people beside him were always there for him. They encouraged him to do his best, and pushed him forward. A few years later, the famed and beloved Triess family took him in, proclaiming him a son. This lead to the biggest festival that had happened in the town for years.

The boy who knew the value of love grew into a man, becoming the youngest vice-commander of Isola's famed Tidal Knights. Not forgetting the warmth and love that he received, it was now his turn to share.