Lumie dreamed of one day shedding her calling as guardian of the seal to follow her own winding road. However, it did not take long for that dream to be shattered by the heavy weight of responsibility that fell upon her slender shoulders.

Her bright-eyed view of the future was soon entirely filled with the earnestness of all who looked to her for hope. She felt all too acutely the burden of her duty. Never did she tell anyone about her dream, nor would she; instead, she had no choice but to hide it away in a deep corner of her heart.

Still, in the face of such a difficult destiny, Lumie never once backed down. Whether tossed about by terrible tempests or stuck in savage snowstorms, she only had one thought in her mind: "I must stay strong."

Whenever she wanted to give in or give up, she repeated those words to herself. Again, and again, and again. Her skin would sometimes crack in the frigid cold, subjected to biting winds so sharp they would sting.

Yet she knew she had to keep her feet planted firmly on the frozen ground. Never would her people know the loneliness of she who stood at the vanguard, protecting them from the blizzard while her own hands, cheeks, and even heart became more and more frozen.

Time passed, and she discovered a new path—one that may have actually been there all along. Perhaps she only now saw it because her burden was now lighter and her vision clearer.

Where could she be going? Who will be waiting for her there? Will they be willing to take her by the hand? Will they forgive the thorns that protect her heart and instead focus on the brightness of her smile?

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