Greetings, Lords!
This is GM Lumisade.

After the second global launch, we're quickly checking for
typos and such other errors.

These fixes will be implemented quickly through the following update.
Please read the details below for more information.

[ Update Schedule ]
▶️ Duration: April 28 (Wed), 2021 06:30 (UTC+0)
- This update proceeds without a server maintenance.
- New updates are automatically updated when you reconnect to the game.
- Please note that you may experience some server instability during the update process, however your game data will be unaffected.

[ Update Details ]
◈ Fixed [Normal] Difficulty Japanese Scenario typos and lines
◈ Fixed an issue where the SNS Account link page was shown in Korean instead of the selected language

We will always work hard to provide a better gaming experience!
Thank you.

GM Lumisade.