Do you remember Merigora from the holiday party dungeon?

Draw a face to Merigora! I'll be giving a special holiday present to 50 selected players!

🎊How to participate

1. There are images of faceless (!) Merigora. Choose one theme below and draw a face to Merigora.  (You may decorate the background and its body too!)

1) Sleepy-looking Merigora (10 players)
2) The Cutest Merigora (10 players)
3) The scariest Merigora (10 players)
4) Fancy-looking Merigora (10 players)
5) How I remember Merigora (10 players)

▼More images of Merigora available below▼

✔ Merigora (front): (click to download)
✔ Merigora (side): (click to download)
✔ Sitting Merigora: (click to download)

2. Post the image to your social media with the following hashtags.

#LordofHeroes #HolidayParty #Merigora_Challenge

3. Submit the survey below.

#Merigora_Challenge!: Draw Merigora face!

📆Event Period

(Only posts that are uploaded between the sated date below are valid.)

Dec, 23, 05:00 - 2022, Jan, 4, 03:00 (UTC+0)

🎁Event Reward

100,000 Renown (for 50 selected players)

🔔Please note

1. Make sure that your Lord Name and the Player ID are correctly entered.
2. Your post and account must be public.
3. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or etc. any platforms are available.
4. Some images may be uploaded on the official blog.

PS. Wanna check how I and other GMs have drawn it? hehe

GM Rhodon's Fancy-looking Merigora😘
GM 페르사가 그린 세젤귀 (?) 메리고르...!
GM Varhya's Fancy-looking Merigora😎
GM Isola's The Cutest Merigora 🤩
and GM Lunaris' Sleepy-looking Merigora 😴