Within the vastness of time and space, there are inflection points that spawn innumerable branches of what is and can be. Sometimes these branches are precipitated by events in a single individual's life.

The house of Berge has served to protect Avillon's throne for generations—an exhausting job to do when succession to the throne comes not by inheritance.

In fact, historians attribute Avillon's ability to maintain sovereign authority entirely to the Berges and the honor, conviction, and absolute commitment with which they fulfill their sworn oath.

Lady Berge, Fram's grandmother, was an honorable and renowned guardian knight in her day, though her personality was a bit... strong for some. Until, that is, something happened after her retirement that would forever change her.

Without the slightest forewarning, her grandchild lost both parents, and the responsibility for raising the infant Fram fell squarely upon her shoulders.

The sight of her orphaned granddaughter first filled her heart with pain, but the moment the child's fingers clenched Lady Berge's pinky, a rushing wave of love overtook the grieving woman. She raised her granddaughter to the best of her ability.

Of course, the apple never falls too far from the tree, and the young Fram proved to be a handful and a half, but Lady Berge was able to handle it all through sheer patience and love.

It was only after the summer of Fram's tenth year that the young troublemaker truly realized how much her grandmother had done for her and how deep her love ran. Indeed, it was only then that she learned just what her grandmother was feeling when she spoke so longingly of Fram's departed parents... Several years later, the world finally was introduced to Fram, a most honorable knight in the spitting image of Lady Berge.

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