To Vanessa, Alderune was more than just her homeland; it was her pride and joy. The princess truly thought she loved her country and her people.

Of course, times of crisis often tear down a person's outer facade to reveal sides they'd rather kept hidden, and when the empire's ambitions overtook Alderune, Vanessa realized the happiness she had enjoyed up until then had been nothing more than a flat still-life painting—static and meaningless.

How did she respond to her adversity, you ask?
Quite unlike almost anyone in her position would have: she accepted it.

The debilitating shock, the heart-wrenching pain, the near-bottomless sadness... She accepted it all, and decided that instead of being a colorless, unscented flower in a vase, she would plant herself firmly with the wild flowers.

She swore to never turn a blind eye to her people's pain, to never excuse herself in the name of ignorance, but to live together with her people, grateful that her eyes had been opened. Vanessa stood with her people against their invaders. Never in the history of Alderune had a member of the royal family been so close, so in sync with her people.

Now, instead of walking in front of others, she walks beside them.
Will you walk with her?

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