An exciting event has arrived to celebrate a Happy Halloween! 🎃

To celebrate the Halloween, the Unity Plaza also has changed into a cute spooky theme!
Take a Halloween snap at Unity Plaza in a concept of enjoying Halloween Party, and share it on SNS to apply for the event!

Among all participants, 10 Lords will be selected as a winner of 1,000,000 Gold!

[ Halloween Party! Contest ]

☝ ‘Take a photo of enjoying Halloween Party’ at the Unity Plaza,
Share it on your social media with #LordofHeroes #Halloween_Party hashtags!

✌ Share your post URL at the link below!
* Snaps are welcomed to be edited to suit the mood & concept you wanted!

Click to apply for the event!

- Event Period
Oct 21 (Thur) ~ Oct 28 (Thur), 14:59 (UTC+0)

- Rewards
🎁 Lucky Reward (10 Lords): 1,000,000 Gold!

* Selected Lords will be announced at ‘contest winner announcement’ with title selected from event submission page! 🎃
 🤭 Picture of the Lord who Pumpernel carried away (1 Lord)
 😱 Picture of the Spooky Scary Lord (1 Lord)
 🍭 Picture of the Lord who is sweet like Nine’s pumpkin candy (2 Lords)
 🧐 Picture of the Lord reflected on Lucilicca’s Monocle (2 Lords)
 ☕ Picture of the Lord who’s in Laphlaes’s pumpkin cup (2 Lords)
 👻 Picture of the Lord who’s in Halloween gift from Charlotte (2 Lords)

- Please Note!
* Your SNS account must be public.
* The event reward will be delivered after the event ended, and it is available once per account.