Greetings, Lords around the world.
This is GM Lunaris.

The refund procedure on Google Play purchases of [D] Joshua Package has been completed. As the refunds proceed sequentially, your purchase may be still in pending, and it may take time to fully pay the refund depending on the payment method.

If you find your purchase has not been refunded accordingly, we politely ask you to contact our CS team with the purchase receipt attached.

Targets for refunding: Players who've purchased [D] Joshua Package between Sep 30 05:00 ~ Oct 1 08:00 (UTC+0)

(Apple purchase users are encouraged to directly request the refund via According to Apple policy, your purchase information must be kept with them so we cannot issue refunds ourselves. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.)

We are still open for a refund request on [D] Joshua, however, we'd like to inform you that some adjustments had been made to the game. So please refer to the following information to avoid any inconvenience regarding the issue.

[Details of the issue]

- Due to an issue where a combination with [D] Joshua and certain heroes can maintain eternal Invincibility effect to the party, a revision has been made to his Active Skill: Higher Order. [Click to see the previous notice]

[Remedy against the issue]

  1. We will discontinue the sales of [D] Joshua Hero Package on Shop and change [D] Joshua to Renown Hero.
    (Before) USD 26.99
    (Now) 1,000,000 Renown / Unlocks after completing Hard 8-16
  2. Suspension on the Package will be carried out on Oct 1st, 08:00 (UTC+0) and the product will be refunded accordingly.
    - We grant a refund for all users who purchased [D] Joshua Hero Package including those who've already sent CS tickets.  
    - All items included in the package and [D] Joshua will not be withdrawn after the refund.
    - All items and equipment that had been used for [D] Joshua will not be refunded.
    - iOS Players are encouraged to directly request the refund via
  3. We will be issuing a compensational coupon subsequently to all players including the purchased users.
    - Date of issue: Oct 1st 08:00 (UTC+0)

Please note that after this announcement, the refunds will be processed sequentially regardless of the individual requests to the customer center.

We are extremely sorry to have inconvenienced all players who've made a purchase upon [D] Joshua with great expectations. We promise that we will carefully scrutinize before the release of any new content.

Thanks for your understanding.