[#Avillon's_Got_Talent_Season2] Nominees Open!

Voting to [#Avillon's_Got_Talent_Season2] nominees is now open! Watch the videos and vote for your favorite. Your ballot will be locked once submitted.

[💌Go for voting]

- The ballot closes on Sep 10, 2021 (5 days)
- Winner Announcement: Sep 13, 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted for the event. We will be back with another stunning event soon! Stay tuned!

◈ Prize (20 Million KRW / 21,000,000 Renown)

- Let’s PARTY! : 10 Million KRW + 3,000,000 Renown (1x participant)
- Let’s SHOOT! : 5 Million KRW + 3,000,000 Renown (1x participant)
- Let’s GO! : 1 Million KRW + 1,000,000 Renown (5x participant)
- My FACE : 1,000,000 Renown (10x participant)
- SHOW ME! : 1 Primeval Soulstone (*Will be provided if reached over 10,000 views)
* Prize Money is fixed in KRW and can fluctuate according to currency exchange rates for other countries.

◈ How to select the winner?

- The number of ‘Likes’ of the video within the participation period will be partially reflected in the evaluation.
(*The number of 'Likes' after the announcement of nominations will not be counted)
- The development team of Clover Games will consider the appropriateness of the topic, fun, and issue.
- The participants are able to join the event with multiple artworks, however, only one artwork per person is allowed for the selection of nominees and awards.
- If the participants are able to join the event as a team and win the event, up to 5 people will be recognized and the rewards will be provided to only one representative person. But, the ‘Renown’ will be provided to all of the team members up to 5 people.

◆ Notes

- The participating artworks MUST BE ORIGINAL CREATION OF THE PERSON who joined the event and must have no legal problems with it. Participants are responsible for all issues arising from legal disputes.
- Players are able to participate only with videos uploaded within the participation period.
- Any videos determined to be contrary to social norms, such as content that promotes sensationalism, violence, and conflict, are excluded from the review.
- The event may be changed or suspended due to internal circumstances. In case of change or suspension, we will notify the participants through the Facebook Page and official blog.
- All winners’ creative artworks will be added into #Lord of Heroes Creator Challenge Season 2 in our official Youtube channel.
- If the account information is not confirmed clearly, the winning may be forfeited.
- If it is confirmed that you participated in the event through other illegal means, the winning may be canceled without notice.
- Please make sure that your artwork is open to the ‘public’ and able to be viewed by everyone.
- For content containing excessive spoilers, please be sure to include the spoiler alert in the title or content.
- Other precautions, be sure to read the [ Event Regulations ]