1. Event details and conditions for participation

- For more information about event content and conditions for participation, please check event notice on our official blog.
- Details of each event may be changed or discontinued due to company/organizer’s internal circumstances. Information about any change in the event will be posted on the official blog.
- Should the contents of each event page or winner announcement notice differ from the ‘Event Regulations’, the contents of each event post and the winner announcement notice shall prevail.
- For events that are registered automatically, you are deemed to have agreed to participate in the event unless you expressly refuse to be registered in advance.

2. Conditions for Event winner draw

-Do not contain content that goes against the values ​​of the Lord of Heroes.
: Content that is contrary to sensationality, violence, and other social norms
: Content that violates the rights of others, such as hatefulness, discrimination, and defamation
-Do not contain content that could promote disputes.
: Content of religious and political orientation
: Contents of insult, slanderous intention
-Please create a work that does not violate social ethics and moral norms.

3. Prizes/Awards and delivery information

- The type of prizes/awards can be changed to products of equal value without prior notice due to internal circumstances of the organizer.
- The re-delivery period for prize goods may vary depending on the type of goods, and expired prizes cannot be re-delivered.
- The company/organizer shall not be involved in any loss incurred from participating in the event and the use of the prize goods, and related disputes and claims shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.
- Prizes are not transferable and the winner cannot ask for real money(Cash) or other products of the same value.
- Please provide the correct shipping address and contact information in order to receive event rewards.
- Delivery may be delayed due to internal issues of the courier company or the event organizer. Please contact us through customer support should you have questions or concerns about delivery.
- If you do not respond within the period of collecting personal information for the prize, expired prizes cannot be delivered.
- If personal information is falsely written or stolen, the prize will be canceled.
-If there is a history of limited use of the game due to inappropriate words and actions, prizes will be canceled.
- Personal information such as (account info, nickname etc.) can be exposed on our blog for the purpose of announcing event winners.
- Personal information such as the winner’s name, contact info can be provided to the shipping company for the purpose of delivery and handling of event prizes and awards.In this case, the personal information provided to shipping companies will be destroyed after the goods are properly delivered to the recipient.
- If you do not wish to have your personal information collected or provided to third parties, you may refuse to participate in the event.