Greetings, Lords
This is GM Varhya.

We'd like to inform you of a list of issues currently being investigated by our team. The list will be updated, added, or removed regularly as they are discovered and resolved. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or working on to fix.

Last updated: 03:00 (UTC+0) Aug 26, 2021

[Fixed Known Issue]

- When [Resistance] occurs during battles, a part of the displaying the words are displayed differently than previous updates. (fixed on Aug 25 Update)

- An issue where Bianca's Skill: Effect Stolen applies to Immune. (fixed on Aug 25 at 10:10 UTC+9)

- An issue where Time Event: Calamity's Bane is temporarily deactivated after the Aug 25 Update. (fixed on Aug 25 at 10:10 UTC+9
> We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the temporary deactivation of the Time Event. The Event is reopened by now and the schedule is extended until Aug 30th, 14:59 (UTC+0).

- Unable to finish the battle with Boss in the 3rd round of Extreme 11-16 as it intermittently repeats the battle motion. (fixed on Aug 25 at 14:37 UTC+0)

- An issue where Training Token is uncharged when the player proceeded the battle during the daily reset time (fixed on Aug 26 at 06:00 UTC+0)
> We'll be granting the missing Training Token for those who've encountered the issue above.

[Current Known Issues]

- There is an issue in Gallus Empire (West) where the occupation reward and Accolades are unavailable upon the first clear of Elite 11-16
> The rewards will be given after re-clearing any stage of Gallus Empire (West)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issues above.

Need to report a bug in Lord of Heroes? You may submit bug reports at Support. Please provide us as many details as possible about your issue. The more details you give us, the more likely we can track down the bug and fix it.

Thank you!
GM Varhya.