We are thankful to the Lords all around the world who have shared the beautiful screenshots taken with Earth_Lyn.

Let’s check out below and see who’s won the Temporal Thread out of all participants!

■ Meowmic captured by Lyn [MPG9XW19MDXMHP9Q]

■ Earth Blake brother-and-sister is the BEST! [RPYJRGX87PGYTKZL]

■ Lord! become prosperous! [17P7897DPGZDSDKL]

■ Heard you’re going to do a PhD and everyone’s like… [XPYN41ZZDDWMT4PL]

■ Hi! I’m Lyn / Greetings! I, too, am Lyn. [Y37KX9NGJXYGBNXL]

■ You want gears with fancy sub-properties? really? [8YMZ9YJGMNWKCJPL]

■ 💚💚💚 [RZZJDW8N3G43FR6L]

■ K-heart from Lyn! [KJ9J6R99DPGYAKJL]